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Di Palma Summer and Fall 2024 Internship Award Application Period

Ouellette-Di Palma Family Internship Award  

The Ouellette-Di Palma Family Internship Award is made possible through the generous support of donors, Dino and Annalisa Di Palma. This award provides financial support for students who aspire to focus on their career while attending Salem State. This fund proactively awards annual grants of $2,500 each. To select students judiciously, the scholarships will follow eligibility criteria and the below application process. Awardees will participate in career preparedness courses and intensive coaching to ensure they successfully complete their internship. 


To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:  

  • Undergraduate student status. 

  • Enrolled in a degree program. 

  • Have an internship position identified to provide a schedule of at least eight hours per week for at least twelve weeks. 

  • Preference given to unpaid internship positions. 


Application Process: 

  • Students, log in to your Handshake account using your single sign-on SSU email and password via and select “Internship Award Application” under Experience Template. Fill in the requested information. 

  • One of the application questions will ask you to include the name and email address of your internship site supervisor. This should be the person you report to at your internship, not your Salem State faculty internship advisor. Your internship site supervisor will receive an email from Handshake requesting that they complete a brief survey confirming that you have been hired as their intern. They must complete this by the application deadline for your application to be considered.  

  • Be sure to let your internship site supervisor know that you applied and provided their contact information. Offer a friendly reminder that they will receive an email from Handshake requesting their confirmation and share the application deadline with them. Application deadlines are listed below. 


Award Terms and Post-Award Process: 

If selected as the award recipient: 

  • Students receive notification and schedule a meeting with a career coach to review the terms and conditions 

  • The selected award recipient must provide the following information:  

  • Internship position description 

  • Confirmation of an offer from employer 

  • Start and end date of internship  

  • Internship weekly schedule 

  • Students are encouraged to consider participating in Career Services’ 1-credit Career Development Course if they have not yet taken it. If interested, students may also choose to receive personalized one-on-one coaching with the Career Center staff to help them land a job in their dream industry. 

  • Upon successful notification of the award decision, the student award recipient will be asked to complete a brief form to answer questions, and submit a photo, video and/or thank you letter to the generous donors who made this award possible.  


Internship Application Deadlines for Award Review: 

To be considered, Career Services must receive both the student’s internship award application and their internship site supervisor’s survey responses via Handshake by 

  • Summer 2024 Internship Award Application deadline is Tuesday, August 20. 

  • Fall 2024 Internship Award Application deadline is Tuesday, August 20.

  • Spring 2025 Internship Award Application deadline is Friday, November 15. 


Please contact Career Services at 978.542.6406 or with questions. 

When 11:45pm
Career Services

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