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Graduate Thesis Preparation


Graduate Thesis Preparation

Several Master’s programs offer the option of writing a thesis. If you are interested in pursuing the thesis option, your first step is to work with your graduate program coordinator to identify a suitable advisor who will work with you to develop your proposal. If your proposal is approved, an advisor identifies, and a committee formed, you should submit the thesis registration form to the School of Graduate Studies Dean’s Office.

When the thesis is completed and before you submit it, edit carefully to ensure that it follows the Specifications for Master’s Theses guidelines.

You, your advisor, and your readers will need to complete the signature and approval forms (for English or History) as well as the Digital Commons Thesis Submission form and Agreement. Your advisor will scan and submit these documents, along with your thesis to the School of Graduate Studies.

For questions and submission of thesis, contact Elizabeth Kenney at the School of Graduate Studies.

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