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About the Campaign

Funding priorities for the campaign

Our Moment

We're combining deep investments in student success with the revitalization and unification of our campus. 

Our Four Funding Priorities

Salem State's historic comprehensive campaign advances our mission on multiple fronts:

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Student Success

» Integrate more innovative, student-centered programming to give students the skills and knowledge to excel in the classroom and succeed in their lives and careers.

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Financial Assistance

» Enhance student financial assistance to ensure a Salem State education remains accessible throughout our communities.

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Unrestricted Support

» Provide the flexibility to respond to emerging needs and the capacity to seize unexpected opportunities.

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» Reimagine Salem State's physical spaces and unify campus and foster a stronger, more cohesive community.

Meet the Moment Campaign

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The Campaign for Salem State

See why Salem State has served as the beacon of hope and opportunity across the North Shore for 170 years.

Leadership and Case

A Worthy Investment

We’re rising to Meet the Moment™ through a transformational campaign that combines deep investments in student success with the revitalization of our campus. We will dramatically enhance student aid to ensure a Salem State education remains broadly accessible to everyone in our communities. The integration of innovative, student-centered programming into our academic offerings will help give students not only the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their lives and careers, but also the support they need to excel in the classroom. Through SSU BOLD, we will reimagine a critical mass of Salem State’s physical spaces—unifying our campus, creating the leading-edge science and healthcare facilities required by today’s students and fostering a stronger, more cohesive community. 

  1. Raise $75 million for key university priorities
  2. Strengthen our reputation and community pride as a leading public institution of higher education
  3. Expand the philanthropic culture among our alumni and volunteer community
  4. Showcase the impact of giving

The Meet the Moment™ campaign was envisioned as a means to advance Salem State’s mission to provide a high-quality, student-centric, diverse community of learners that serves as a resource to advance the region’s cultural, social and economic development. 

Contact Us

Advancement, Alumni Association and Foundation

Tax identification number (EIN): 04-262-0632
331 Lafayette Street, 2nd floor
Salem, MA 01970
Mailing Address:
352 Lafayette St.
Salem, MA 01970
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