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2018-2019 Alumni Association Board of Directors

2018-2019 Board of Directors

The alumni board exists to keep each and every one of you connected to each other, nearly 62,000 of you, and with Salem State University. After all, you're not just a Viking for your college years, you're a Viking for life.

Members at Large

Executive Board Members 

Joseph Wamness ’00G, president
Debra Lee Surface ’05, vice president of administration
Christopher Corrente ’10, ’12G, vice president of outreach
Mikki Wilson ’09, secretary
Mary (Midge) DeSimone '76, alumni trustee
Pamela Doherty ’92, immediate past president

Barbara Baggs '13G

Ed Brzychcy '15

Brian Castellanos '16G

Guy Clinch '89

Grazia Crivello '09

Stephan Daly '84

Kathryn D'Amour '63, '67G, '81G

Nicole Goggin '14, '17G

Amanda Kennedy '12

James Lampassi '81

Rober Leger '77

Patricia Libby '71

Kristin Macek '07

Georgianna Marks '74, '83G

Teury Marte '00

Janet Merriman '82

Kerrie Tingle '12G

Jessica Tomlinson '09

Hope Watt-Bucci '96G

Erik Champy ’89, ’94G

Eileen Smith Connolly ’59, ’77G

Judith Josephs ’63, ’65G

Josephine Kennedy ’72, ’76G

Frank Lillo ’64, ’69G

Jane Moroney '60, '62G

Frederick Sannella ’64

Deirdre Sartorelli ’83

Leaders Wanted!
The Alumni Association Board of Directors seeks to fill new alumni member positions for the 2019-2020 term. Nominations are due by March 15, 2019. As a board member, alumni serve Salem State University and the greater community through a plethora of volunteer opportunities. Elections are to be held in April 2019. Those who are intrigued by this grand opportunity please follow this link to learn more.


Alumni Affinity Groups

Reconnect with a specific group of Viking alumni by joining an affinity group.

Current active groups

Young Alumni Society

Friends of the School of Education

Friends of the School of Social Work

Bertolon School of Business Alumni Network

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