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October 20-29 in the Callan Studio Theatre

A full moon hangs over the Soviet Asylum in the late 1920s. Twenty-three year-old poet Ivan “Homeless” Bezdomny sits in his tiny cell desperately piecing together his sanity after a brief-but-chilling encounter with Professor of Black Magic, Woland. As Woland’s true identity (the Devil) becomes revealed, he’s joined by the vodka-swilling black cat Behemoth, three ancient witches of Hecate, and other comical demons. While Woland challenges the drab lives of Moscow’s socialist elite, Ivan stumbles across the lost novel of The Master, a fellow inmate and novelist whose work has been banned and burned. Slowly he learns of The Master’s searing love for an aristocratic woman named Margarita. Reconstructing the lost novel and his own reason, will Ivan be able to save himself, The Master, Margarita, and their precious novel before it’s too late?

Experience the pulsing power of Mikhail Bulgakov’s surrealistic satire of Stalinist oppression in an intimate setting like you’ve never seen it before. This lithe ninety-minute adaptation features puppetry, magic, live music, and a masquerade ball, just in time for October in Salem.


October 20-22 and 27-29, 7:30 pm
Sunday, October 22, 2 pm
Special midnight performance, Saturday, October 29. Costumes welcome!

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