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d.arc water

d.arc water

November 20-23 and December 4-7

The year is 2114. Only one source of water remains on the planet after decades of human conflict. Governing corporation F&R owns the sole rights to this water source but rival ENCO owns the system used to control and access it. The endless warfare has left 99 percent of the population in the dry territory of Terra. They exist on strict rations of water and food provided by the 1 percent, the Edenites, who live in a first world controlled climate biosphere. 

These two systems exist in a delicate balance until a mercenary army, The Resistance, is recruited by F&R to regain control of the water supply. Enter our hero, Joan, a young woman with special gifts who joins the resistance in their fight. With F&R's support and fueled by the call of their Gaian religion, the Resistance believes they are working to free the world's water supply for access to all. Or are they? 

Thursday - Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2 pm in the Callan Studio Theatre. Chair seating is $15 general/$10 students and seniors. A portion of the audience has the option of being part of the show at select moments. Seats for this are $5 and will be mats on the floor of the stage. or 978.542.6365.

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