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Salem State University's Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission

Salem State's mission is to provide a high quality, student-centered education that prepares a diverse community of learners to contribute responsibly and creatively to a global society, and serve as a resource to advance the region's cultural, social and economic development.

Our Vision

Salem State University will be a premier teaching university that engages students in an inspiring transformational educational experience.

  • We put students first in all that we do and are committed to their success.
  • We are a community of learners where all faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to grow as individuals.
  • We are innovators, offering a unique brand of public higher education that inspires students to reach higher and achieve more.
  • We remain true to our heritage as a liberal arts university while we prepare students for today’s workforce.
  • We serve the communities of the North Shore while we create an ever more globally aware and culturally diverse campus environment.

Strategic Plan 2013-16


Strategic Plan


In June 2013, Salem State University's Board of Trustees approved a new vision and strategic plan for Salem State. The plan focuses our efforts on three essential goals: providing distinguished academic programs and innovative educational experiences, advancing students’ intellectual, personal and professional growth, and promoting civic engagement, social justice and connection to place.

In achieving these goals, we ensure that a Salem State University education will remain relevant, accessible and transformative. Please take a moment to read the entire 2013-16 strategic plan (PDF).

The 2013-16 Strategic Plan


Guiding Principles of the Strategic Plan

There are several guiding principles that are infused throughout the strategic plan. These principles are key to our decision making and inform our strategic choices.

  • Student Success: Ultimately all that we do has to be designed to support the success of our students. Every goal and strategy in this plan is designed to lead, either directly or indirectly, to a greater chance for our students to succeed in achieving their educational and professional goals.
  • Diversity: One of the great strengths of Salem State is the diversity of our student body. Here students are exposed to an incredible breadth of cultural, ethnic, social, and intellectual diversity. To build on and expand that strength, diversity cannot be a singular goal unto itself. It needs to be considered in all that we do.
  • Sustainability: We take the long view. We understand that the decisions we make today will have repercussions for the generations that follow. Our actions not only to have an immediate impact on the environment that we live in, but send a strong message to our students about their roles as stewards of our community.

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Goal 1: Provide distinguished academic programs and innovative educational experiences

  • Goal 2: Advance students’ intellectual, personal and professional growth

  • Goal 3: Promote civic engagement, social justice and connection to place
  • Goal 4: Position the university to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future

Strategic Planning Process

A new alum embraces his mother at his graduation

Strategic Planning Process

The university’s collaboration committee is designing and leading our community through a strategic planning process.

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