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Request to Serve/Sell Alcoholic Beverages

At any event where there will be alcohol served a Request to Serve Application must first be completed and submitted to the alcohol review board for approval. The responsibilities of requesting faculty, staff or organization are listed below.

  • Request must be submitted one month prior to the event.
  • Alcohol served on campus has to be ordered and served by Chartwells.
  • If there will be under aged people present, Campus Police must be contacted prior to submitting this request to determine if a police detail is necessary.
  • Chartwells staff or campus police are to card attendees at student attended events. Students are not allowed to card other students or attendees.
  • Facility conditions, equipment use and costs related to the event and the conduct of event attendees are the responsibility of the student group, faculty, staff or organization hosting the event.
  • There must be food and non-alcoholic beverages provided for the duration of the event.
  • Student groups must secure a SSU faculty/staff advisor to be present for the duration of the proposed event.

If requesting to sell alcohol at the event:

  • The student group, faculty, staff or organization must attend a hearing of the City of Salem Licensing Board to obtain a one day license to sell alcoholic beverages.
  • City of Salem police detail is always required when alcohol is being sold on the premise of the University. The coordinator of the event will need to schedule a detail officer.
  • The Alcohol Review Board may request the coordinator of the event provide documentation of the City of Salem one day alcohol license and the hiring of a City of Salem police detail at any time.
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