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Salem State recognizes the necessity of oversight of programs using animals in teaching and research. With respect to the privilege of working with animals and the requirements set forth by the U.S. Government in the Health Research Extension Act of 1985 (HREA) and the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) amended 1990, Salem State University convened an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Salem State University, for both ethical and scientific reasons, insists upon the highest standards for the care and use of such animals. It is the responsibility of each individual using and/or caring for animals to be familiar with, and to ensure compliance with, these standards.

For more information on animal care and use at Salem State, please visit our Canvas site for details on:

  • Protocol Application and Procedures
  • Institutional Forms and Policy
  • Federal Policy and Guidelines
  • CITI Training requirements and information

For further assistance, please email Megan Williams or call 978.542.7177

Compliance Concerns:

Animal welfare concerns may be reported by email to

In addition, a concerns voice mail box has been established to provide a means to anonymously report concerns over research activities with animals and may be reached at 978.542.4228.

This line is not intended to handle or address employee grievances, and is intended solely for noncompliance with institutional policies and procedures and federal and state legal requirements governing animal research activities.

Messages received to this line’s voicemail box are anonymous unless you choose to leave identifying information. There is no risk of employee retaliation for use.

All calls received will be logged confidentially and referred as appropriate for response. 

Emergency contact information for the attending veterinarian, principal investigator, researcher, and safety personnel are accessible and located in the care facilities. 

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