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Student Spotlight: Ruchita Baroi, MBA '18

Bangladesh student finds friendship, career advancement at Salem State

Why did you choose to study business at Salem State?

I am from Bangladesh. I moved to Salem State University in 2015 for my MBA. My undergrad major was electronical and electronics engineering. When I was back in my country, I used to work for a gaming company and I realized I really want to start my own business. However, I did not have enough business skills. I always liked American culture and American students, so I applied for higher studies in the USA.

I had a lot of options when I was looking for a good school, because USA has 50 states and more than 4,000 accredited schools. I started researching and I figured that Massachusetts has all the good business schools and I wanted a state school. I started talking to the Center for International Education. They were very good at responding and the first school that responded quickly with a lot of information. 

How did you find your community at SSU? 

When I first moved here, I started my class and found many people from different countries. I started making many new friends and learned that Salem State has many clubs such as, Asian Student Association, International Student Association. I joined and went to many events, where I made many friends.

This year, I started working at Center for International Education, joined Intervarsity Christian Club. Through this, I met many people both domestic and international students. 

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