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Salem State University celebrates recipients of the 2018-2019 Outstanding First Year Advocate Award

The First Year Experience office hosted the 2019 Outstanding First Year Advocate Award Luncheon on Wednesday, April 24. The event was held in the Ellison Campus Center's MLK Room, located at Salem State University.

The recipients of the award were STEP (Student Engagement and Retention Program) student mentor Elsy Sanchez and resident assistant Brendan Quinn, faculty members Timothy Quigley of the English department and Margo Shea of the history department and administrators Bonnie Maitland from the Navigation Center and Samuel Ohannesian, Senior Director for Retention Services.

The Outstanding First Year Advocate Award recognizes faculty, staff and student staff/leaders who have made significant contributions to the academic and/or personal lives of first-year students. The award allows the community to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a specific commitment to and impact on first-year student learning, development and success. The majority of nominations submitted this year were received from first-year students directly impacted by these individuals work.

This the seventh year the First Year Experience office has awarded the honor to individuals at Salem State University. The office is committed to recognizing those who advocate on behalf of first-year students and assist in laying the foundation for student success in academic, intellectual, social, and civic endeavors throughout their undergraduate career.

The nominees for the 2018–2019 Outstanding First Year Advocate Awards were as follows:

Faculty Members

Alexandria Peary
Amy Everitt
Ann Marie Gallo
Brad Austin
David Allen George
James Gubbins
Jeffrey Pearlman
Joseph Buttner
Jude Nixon
Lorrie Comeford
Lucinda Damon-Bach
Margo Shea
Michele Sweeney
Robert Daniell
Sandra Fyfe
Sara Conlon
Scott Nowka
Steve Ultrino
Tess Killpack
Timothy Quigley

Administrator/Staff Members

Ashley Preston
Bonnie Maitland
Carol Ampey-Sullivan
Codi Bierce
Joseph Kelleher
Lauren Hubacheck
Maria Machado
Monica Mordowanec
Nicole Silveira
Rachel Dellacroce
Ruthann Reed
Samuel Ohannesian

Student Staff/Leaders

Alyssa Ekstrom
Brendan Quinn
Casey Jones
Elsy Sanchez
Irune Aparicio
Mikayla Riley
Sebastian Williams
Tim Erickson-Oberg

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2019 Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award!

Elsy Sanchez, STEP Peer Mentor
Brendan Quinn, Resident Assistant
Timothy Quigley, English Department
Margo Shea, History Department
Bonnie Maitland, Navigation Center, Student Services and Support
Samuel Ohannesian, Senior Director for Retention Services

Jason Mero
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