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Most classes on North Campus will be held remotely through the end of the semester on December 12.

Respiratory Illness Alert

We are seeing increased rates of respiratory illnesses, including COVID, Flu and RSV, both locally and nationally. Please take steps to protect yourself and your families, especially as we approach the holidays, with a lot of indoor gatherings. It is recommended to receive optional, but strongly recommended vaccines you may be eligible for, such as the flu vaccine and an updated COVID vaccine. We will have two more no-cost flu clinics for students on campus in the Ellison Campus Center from 2-4pm on 11/29 and 12/06, with free coffee and beverages.


Please also keep on hand, rapid COVID tests and masks, to use should you or your friends/family feel sick. These are still free and readily available outside counseling and health services, human resources and in the wellness vending machine in the basement of the Ellison Campus Center.


If you need medical care or have questions, you can schedule an appointment or contact our on-campus nurse practitioner or call health services at 978-542-6413.


Counseling and Health Services
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