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Professor Emlinger Facilitates Second Faculty Workshop on 'Effective Classroom Participation'

Effective classroom participation strategies for Latinx (and other) students

On March 6, Geography and Sustainability associate professor Ana Emlinger facilitated her second workshop on "Effective Classroom Participation: Strategies for Latinx and other Students."

Professor Emlinger explained, "Privilege and power dynamics found in our society, in general, are often reproduced in the classroom from elementary school to the university. In this context, only a few students have their voices heard and considered." Through in-depth discussions and hands-on activities, faculty were introduced to practical strategies for fostering enthusiasm and effective classroom participation, especially for quieter students or underrepresented students who may not feel safe or valued.

Professor Emlinger is the Faculty Fellow for Latinx Student Success. This was the second in a series of workshops scheduled for the spring. The final upcoming Effective Classroom Participation Strategies for Latinx and other Students workshop will take place on:

Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 12:15 pm | Charlotte Forten Hall Legacy Room

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Ana Emlinger
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