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Parking and Traffic Information for Students

Dear Students,

On behalf of the university police, welcome to campus for the start of the 2017-2018 academic year. The beginning of the academic year typically presents a number of challenges surrounding parking and transportation on campus as well as in the neighborhoods that border the campus. Please take a few moments to review the below information:

  • Parking on campus is authorized for permitted vehicles only. All vehicles must display a valid 2017-2018 parking permit. Parking permits are available for purchase by all commuter students via your Navigator account.
  • All parking regulations will be strictly enforced effective immediately.
  • Resident student parking is limited as there is a much higher demand than there is parking inventory. Resident students authorized to purchase permits have been notified and must complete the purchase and display a valid permit immediately upon arriving on campus.
  • Resident students not currently authorized to purchase a parking permit must place their name on the parking permit waitlist. The waitlist application is available via your Navigator account. The university police parking office will regularly review the waitlist and release additional permits when feasible.
  • Parking on campus is authorized in designated permit areas only. Vehicles parked in areas that do not correspond with their parking permit are subject to violations and towing.
  • Student vehicles parked in employee designated spaces will be ticketed and towed.
  • Parking spaces marked “Reserved At All Times” are in fact reserved 24 hours per day. At no time should a student vehicle be parked in any space marked reserved. Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved spaces will be ticketed and towed.
  • Parking on the streets adjacent to and in the area of campus are regulated by applicable state laws and city ordinances. All students are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations. A few more common laws, ordinances and regulations include the following:
    • No parking upon any street or highway within 20 feet of an intersection way
    • Upon, in front, or four feet on either side of any private road or driveway without the consent of the owner of such road or driveway
    • Upon any sidewalk
    • Upon any crosswalk
    • Upon the roadway where the parking of a vehicle will not leave a clear and unobstructed lane at least 12 feet wide for passing traffic

Any and all questions or concerns regarding parking matters must be directed to

Thank you,

Gene Labonte
Assistant Vice President, Public Safety and Risk Management
Chief of Police

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