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Office 365 - Introduction to Outlook and OneDrive

February 2021 offerings - Best Practices for Use

Join us for these introductory sessions for Office 365's Outlook mail on the web, Calendar on the web and OneDrive on the web.  Learn how to get to your mail, calendar and files while using a web browser in this quick introduction. 

Introduction to Outlook on the Web

This session provides an overview of Office 365 Outlook on the web. An overview will be provided to demonstrate mailbox layout, mailbox settings, creating an email, review attachment options, view and how to take action on messages (managing email) and calendar options for creating an appointment or meeting invitation.

By the end of this session, users will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Navigate email and calendar
  • Create and manage emails
  • Create and manage calendar events
  • Update mailbox settings

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Introduction to OneDrive 

OneDrive is an integral part of Office 365 and provides a place in the cloud where you can store, share and sync your work files. You can update and share your files from any device. You can even work on Office documents with others at the same time if needed.  

By the end of this session, users will be able to complete the following tasks 

  • Navigate within OneDrive 
  • Create, upload, download, and share a file 
  • Move or copy a file to another location 
  • Change permission on a file 
  • Delete, recover a file 

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