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Miles2share carpool app launches promotion codes for Salem State users

What is miles2share?

The miles2share app offers a carpool option that makes it easy to find passengers or drivers who travel the same routes and are willing to share rides. Salem State University has established an exclusive closed network just for the Salem State community to help students, faculty and staff carpool more often.

Introduced earlier this summer as part of a suite of new green commuting options at Salem State, the miles2share app makes it easier than ever to share rides to and from campus, Cat Cove, events in the area, or home for the weekend.

Join the Salem State miles2share community

  1. Down the miles2share app and register with your Salem State email address.
  2. Complete your profile and note if you are a student or employee. This helps students who may want to choose rides only with other students.
  3. Set frequently-used or one-time routes.
  4. Payment is handled via the app. The passenger pays $0.40, and the driver earns $0.34 per mile for rides less than 20 miles. Longer rides cost less.
  5. Enjoy your inexpensive, sustainable commute!

Apply limited-time promotion codes

Promotion codes are available to help make this new program successful.

The first 60 drivers to use SSUDRIVE919 will receive a $5.00 bonus plus the regular fee. The SSURIDE919 code offers a free ride (up to $5.00) to the first 60 riders who share a ride. Promotion codes are offered until September 30, 2019.

Download the mobile miles2share app today, and explore other transportation options on the Salem State campus. 

Tara A Gallagher
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