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Mary G. Walsh Writing Center Presents: “Cultivating Brave/r Spaces through Student Engagement”

This spring, the Salem State Writing Center will host a series of writing groups themed around issues of identity and social justice. These student-led and student-filled groups are designed to support and honor your voice as writers and artists.

Please join one of the groups below for the opportunity to participate in a supportive writing/art group with fellow students, complete with an end-of-the-semester reading and gallery to feature your work, and opportunities for publication.

For general questions, contact Becky Martini. 

Writing Groups Spring 2018

Many Lenses, One Perspective

We all embody multiple identities inviting us to share in multiple cultures. Despite that, people still profile us to fit one or two categories. Surveys ask questions like, circle one that most applies. How can we pick one thing? To respond to today’s political climate, social movements have been growing, yet many still do not understand intersectionality.

“Many Lenses, One Perspective” is a group that asks what is feeding into the idea of the flat characters people outside of ourselves think we are. Stereotyping creates misrepresentations of ourselves that fail to display the diversity within our communities. We’ll be involved in small readings to discuss intersectionality. We then will be writing our own narratives, in whatever format that you want to do–short story, poetry, song, etc. We will also be doing political cartoons that can express how we see ourselves in this country’s current political/social climate. We’ll be meeting twice a month from February to April (six total meetings) and we’ll have a google doc where we’ll discuss the readings and topics so we can talk more when we meet in person. Topics will range, covering voices that talk about Race, Gender, and LGBT+.

Contact Ali Shirazi to reserve your spot!

Writing Race with Black Brown and Proud

This Black Brown and Proud sponsored group will focus on exploring race through rap, poetry, spoken word, and short stories. Writers will take up a variety of themes related to identity topics such as colorism, hair and being biracial.

Contact Leeanna Singleton to reserve your spot! 

Brave Tales of Women Writers

The purpose of this writers group is to provide brave space and support for female students writing personal stories on topics that are often hard to write about. The personal story can be a challenge to bring to the page.

Brave Tales of Women will help women bring their stories to the page. As a writer, who once struggled with my own voice, in telling my stories, my goal is to make this workshop a safe space for female students to work on their “brave tales,” get feedback, while workshopping with fellow members of the group and learn to develop their voices. We’re at a critical point in time where many women’s rights are being rolled back – from healthcare to education to immigration, women have many personal stories that highlight the need for equal rights.

Contact Pamela Leavey to reserve your spot!

MSA: Presents Black Mail

Calling all student writer, poets and artists: MSA is excited to announce the return of our newsletter, Black Mail! We want to hear from you and how you feel in this post-election social climate. Writers will have the opportunity to workshop submissions with the editorial team.

To submit or inquire about writing with us to produce the first issue of this relaunch, please contact Sergine Romeus.

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