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Housing Selection 2018: FAQs

Preparing for the housing selection process

When I log into the housing portal it says “In order to complete your application you must deposit.” What does this mean? 

Please submit your $300 deposit to your Navigator account in order to take part in this housing selection process for the 2018-19 academic year. 

I deposited but still don’t see an application

If you deposited today, it takes a few hours for the deposit to process. Check back tomorrow!

Who can participate in room selection?

Any current student who paid a housing deposit by the priority deadline March 1, 2018, is eligible to participate in room selection.

How do I pick where I want to live next year?

  1. Pay a $300 deposit by March 1
  2. (Beginning March 1) Complete the housing application online by March 31
  3. Decide who you want to live with and create a "roommate group" on the housing portal
  4. Check your email in early April for your group’s selection time
  5. At your group’s selection time, log in and select from the available spaces

I missed the deposit deadline. What now?

Make the deposit now – we will add you to the selection process if there is space, otherwise, we’ll add you to a waitlist for housing. Lots of spaces will open up in the coming months.

Where can I live?

Students with less than 54 earned credits (based on total credits earned by the end of spring 2018) can select from available spaces in Marsh or Viking. Students with 54 or more credits at the end of spring 2018 can select from any available spaces in Atlantic, Bates, Viking or Marsh. 

  • For example: If, by the end of fall 2017, you earned 28 credits and you are currently enrolled in 12 credits, you will have a total of 48 credits and be considered a sophomore and can select from spaces in Marsh or Viking

How are selection times determined?

Selection times are randomly assigned within your class year. Rising seniors will be the first to select, then rising juniors, then rising sophomores. 

Important: At the start of selection, students must COMPLETELY fill an apartment or suite in order to select it. For instance, if you want to select a four-person suite in Viking, you’ll need a roommate group of four people. On the last day of selection, we will open up remaining spaces to smaller groups and individuals. So, it is very beneficial to select a group of suitemates to go through selection with that will completely fill the suite or apartment you’re looking for

How do I choose who I want to live with?

After you complete your application (step 2, above) go to the housing portal and select "Roommates/Suitemates." The selected term should say fall 2018. Click "Submit." If it states that you are not eligible to pick a roommate/suitemate it is because you have not paid your housing deposit or completed your housing application. Once those are completed you just type in your roommate’s name or email address and select them. Your roommate will see your request when they log into the site.

Remember: Your roommate/suitemates must also select you! If they do not, then you will have an incomplete apartment and not be able to select until the end of selection.

Next year I’m a sophomore and I want to live with my friend who will be a junior but I can’t see them on the roommate search?

Unfortunately, you can only select roommates who are in the same process as you – you cannot live with students if they have a separate application. 

My friend and I have around the same number of credits but I still can’t see them in the roommate search?

In order to select roommates, you must have paid your deposit by March 1st (or have an approved waiver), and submitted your application. You will not be able to select roommates or be selected if you do not do those things. If you have done those things, but still can’t see your friend, make sure to ask them if they have completed the above steps too!

Can I live with someone who is a different sex and/or gender identity than me/ I’m interested in gender inclusive housing?

Applying for gender inclusive housing (GIH) is simple. Just stop in to the Residence Life office and pick up a gender inclusive housing form. Make sure to have the names and ID numbers of everyone you want to live with and what your building preference is.  The deadline to apply for gender inclusive housing is March 30. Students and groups that have completed the GIH form will not go through selection, but, instead, you will be contacted about the best fit for your group and will be manually assigned prior to selection. 

What if I don’t know who to live with/I need more people to fill my suite/apartment

There are a number of scheduled “roommate socials” that are designed to help you meet potential roommates!

  • 3/20 – 7-9 pm, Commuter Lounge/ECC
  • 3/26 – 11 am-1 pm, Metro/ECC
  • 3/27 – 6-8 pm, Petrowski Room/Marsh Hall

In addition, we recommend utilizing your class’ Facebook page, or other social media channels to find people!  If you do not want to find a group, you may log in on the last day of selection and select from all remaining spaces- you will not need to fill a space – an email will go out when the group restriction is lifted. 

Can I get a single?

There are a limited number of singles in Atlantic, Bates and Viking that you can try to select from. 

I NEED a single/kitchen/emotional support animal/some other accommodation

Students seeking accommodations should contact disability services. The deadline for new accommodation requests to be considered before selection is March 30, 2018.  Requests for accommodations are not a guarantee and questions should be directed to that office.

What are my odds of getting into Atlantic/getting a five-person suite in Viking/getting a single?

It’s difficult to say, as it all depends on your selection time and what is left. What we can tell you is that it’s important to have a backup plan! What will happen if there are no spaces left that match your group size? How will you split up?

I’m in a group – do each of us have to log in to select?

No, only one of you can select. It does not have to be the person with the best lottery number either – any group member can log in at the group selection time and select.  Make sure to choose someone who is responsible! Once they click submit, you cannot change your assignment until the fall. 

When my selection time is activated, how long will I have to select?

You may take as long as you like, but be aware that the next times will also be active at regular intervals

I forgot to pay my deposit but my friend has a selection time. Can my friend pull me in?

No, if you did not pay your deposit by the deadline you are not eligible to participate in room selection. After selection, you be offered available spaces and/or added to a waitlist

I paid a deposit but I will not be returning to housing for next year. Can I give my selection time to a friend?

No, selection times are not transferable.

What if I am not available to select at my selection time?

You may select at any time after your selection time. 

What happens if I select a room but then change my mind?

ALL SELECTIONS ARE FINAL. Once your room is selected, you cannot make any changes until the fall. 

If I paid my room deposit early, will I get a better selection time?

It will not make a difference in your selection time. However, if you did not pay the deposit by the priority deadline of March 1 you may not be able to receive a selection time.

How do I know what the rooms look like?

You can view photos on our website. In addition, tours of upperclass housing options will be offered on a drop in basis at the following times:

  • 3/26 – 7-8 pm, Viking Hall
  • 3/27 – 7-8 pm, Marsh Hall 
  • 3/28 – 7-8 pm, Atlantic Hall
  • 3/29 – 7-8 pm, Bates Complex

I can’t log onto the Housing portal…what do I do now?

Do you know your password? It is the same password you use to log onto your Navigator account. Your username is your student ID number with the "S" at the front (i.e. S0123456). If this does not work, please call the IT helpdesk for support.  Residence Life cannot reset passwords.

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