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By Rosemarie Mele ‘18

Haig Demarjian, Salem State University's drawing professor, is known for his work in fine art, film, illustration, and graphic narrative. He is currently developing an all-new body of work to debut in a solo exhibition at Print Festival Scotland in June 2018. 

This latest work does something completely new, combining multiple forms of printmaking to arrive at a hybrid graphic narrative. Scrolls, etchings, large-scale woodcuts, screenprints and other daring combinations of media will continue the story of Super Inga. 

But who, you may ask, is Super Inga? Back in 2009, Professor Demarjian was asked to create a comic book, resulting in The NEW Adventures of Super Inga, which began as a pretty typical sci-fi/superhero romp with a sexy heroine and frightful villains. It was intended as a one-shot publication, however, its success prompted a second volume, which in turn led to a webcomic and a total of about 100 pages of web-based and print content. Super Inga’s character and the “Ingaverse” has matured over the years, becoming ever more complex and demanding.  (You can see the opening pages of the first ever Super Inga comic at www.artofHaig.com.)

“Where the story needed to go… it had to go BEYOND just comic books,” explains Professor Demarjian, “It’s definitely firmly rooted in comic books, but the limitation of the traditional format hampered where this world needed to go. I’m beginning to synthesize my various fascinations and obsessions, scratching at deeper questions of how we create our own identities and how we as people are shaped by events, surroundings and expectations.” Things needed to “level-up;” hence, Super Inga now goes ULTRAMEGA!  

Stay tuned for more on ULTRAMEGA Super Inga as Print Festival Scotland gets closer.

Brian Alves
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