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Guard Up STEM Camp moving to Salem State

Salem State employees eligible for 20% discount

Guard Up's Guardian Adventures is coming to Salem State University this summer with their epic Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp and thrilling Zombie STEM Summer Camp as well as their intense Blackwatch Teen Leadership Summer Camp.  

To welcome our new friends, they are offering a 20% discount on camp tuition to all Salem State University employees and their children. This discount is not shown on their website so please call 781.270.4800 to receive your discount.

Kids and teens play a character of their own design in a live story where they battle monsters with Foam Swords and NERF Blasters while they solve mysteries using STEM and STEAM to "power up" their characters. To imagine this: Think of a computer game without the computers. They have actors and educators dressed in costumes, playing characters from legends, myth, and history as they engage the campers (called "Heroes") in a live adventure where learning is exciting and the summer is spent saving the human race!

...and before you ask, YES, parents are allowed to play too! On Parent Day, you can report to the costume and make-up department, be transformed into a zombie, and confront your own kids in the final battle!

Guard Up! offers both day (ages 7+) and overnight camp (ages 8+) options for boys and girls as well as a CIT program for ages 16–19 which provides training in leadership skills, improv acting, as well as curriculum development.

Here are videos that explain each camp:

And, here is an excellent article by NPR about the camps.

Please sign up soon They have a limited number of spots left in each camp and would love to have Salem State staff member's children join them in our adventure this summer! Remember to call them at 781.270.4800 to receive your discount.

Deborah R Melnick
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