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First Year Seminar raising funds for the University's Student Emergency Fund

Each year, students in the first year seminar on philanthropy, which explores the ways in which each individual can make a difference through philanthropic efforts and active citizenship, develop a campaign to raise funds for something they identify as a critical need. 

This year, students have chosen the Salem State University Student Emergency Fund which helps students facing unexpected medical expenses, housing and food insecurity, or who need assistance with school supplies. First-year students identified this as a significant need and resource for current students.

To donate, please visit their crowdfunding page which includes a short video explaining the student's efforts to support the fund. 

First-year students at Salem State University select a first year seminar during the fall semester which explores a specific question or issue. Developing and implementing the crowdfunding campaign represents the class project for this particular seminar. Last year's class raised funds for the Salem State University Food Pantry to support students who are food insecure.

Mathew R Chetnik
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