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Fall Leadership Conference

Submit your proposal to present at the conference!

The LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy and Diversity) Office is excited to announce our plans for the 2019 Leadership Conference. The Conference will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10 am-3 pm. As in years past, we will kick off the conference with a keynote speech before we split off into breakout sessions.

This conference has been successful over the past seven years with the help of all of you!

The conference includes educational session tracks that are provided to expand on social change (view additional information on the Social Change Model of Leadership if you are unfamiliar). This conference is open to the entire campus community, and the sessions offer valuable learning experiences for all.

How can you help? Do you have an interesting topic related to leadership and how students can create social change by being innovative?

We are in need of presenters for our breakout sessions at the conference. The session time block is 45 minutes long. We are accepting session submissions until Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Want to present but don't know what topic(s) to cover?  Here are some ideas:

  • How can you make an impact on the (institution, locally, or globally) in your leadership role?
  • How can you help to facilitate change?
  • Collaboration! With other student organizations, offices and departments on campus
  • How to work effectively with others
  • The use of technology and social media to make a greater impact on your organization
  • Working Successfully as a Unit Within Your Organization
  • The power of diversity within your organization and how it assists with creative solutions
  • How to work effectively with others
  • How to facilitate teambuilding exercises to build a stronger group.
  • Effective communication
  • Need a vision?  How to create a vision for your group to reach a common purpose.
  • How to build civic engagement within your organization
  • Programming 101
  • Effective marketing and promotion for your events
  • How to recruit and retain new members
  • Why should I become a leader on campus?  How a leadership experience on campus can help shape your resume.

Have a different idea? All session ideas are welcomed! Please follow this link in order to submit your session proposal.

Melissa Arroyo
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