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COVID precautions for end of spring semester and summer classes

Dear Vikings,  

Over the past several weeks there has been a slight increase in COVID cases in communities across the Commonwealth, including in Essex County. We believe this uptick is driven by the BA.2 variant. While we thankfully remain in a better place than the larger community, we are experiencing an increase in cases this week in comparison to previous weeks. As we prepare for finals, commencement activities, and summer classes, it is important that we continue to exercise caution and follow the campus health and safety protocols so that we may finish strong. 


COVID Testing 

  • Get tested if you are experiencing any new symptoms or 5-7 days after a known exposure. Even if the symptoms are mild and you believe it may just be spring allergies or a cold, it is best to be safe and take a test to rule out COVID before attending in person class or activities. 
  • Free on-campus PCR testing is available at North Campus Dining Commons. Testing hours and scheduling information can be found here:
  • We strongly recommend keeping a supply of rapid home COVID tests on hand so that you can readily self-administer a test should you develop any new symptoms or have a known exposure. Free iHealth, rapid-antigen COVID tests are available for students, faculty, and staff at North Campus Dining Commons during testing hours. 
  • If you are not up to date with your vaccinations or have requested an exemption to the vaccine mandate, you should continue to get tested weekly in order to be in compliance and cleared on CoVerified. 
  • If you are attending any of the indoor events at the end of the semester, we encourage you to access testing a few days before or after attending these events. Performing a rapid test immediately before participating in a large-scale indoor programs is also recommended. 
  • Please upload any positive rapid test results to CoVerified and schedule a confirmatory PCR test. Rapid antigen COVID testing guidance


If You Test Positive Stay Home 

  • If you test positive from an off-campus or home rapid antigen test, please upload your test results to CoVerified and communicate with us. Home rapid antigen test results should be photographed with a photo ID (such as a clipper card or license) and a date stamp (such as in front of a laptop or phone). 
  • Please contact our COVID support line for guidance, 978-542-3240. Students should press 1 to reach counseling and health services and employees should press 2 to reach human resources. 


COVID Vaccine and Booster 

  • Being up to date with your vaccinations is the best way to protect yourself from serious illness and is a campus requirement. 
  • Get boosted if you have not already done so and upload your documentation. Students should upload to their student health portal and employees should upload to CoVerified. 
  • If you receive an exemption, you will have to continue to get tested weekly in order to be in compliance.  



  • Our campus is a mask flexible environment. 
  • Free KN95 masks are available for students, faculty and staff at the North Campus Dining Commons during testing hours, while supplies last and are very effective at reducing the risk of COVID transmission to the user. If you cannot access a KN95, consider double masking with a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask. 
  • Please continue to follow public health guidance and wear a mask if you are at a higher risk or have concerns about your health. 
  • We also encourage you to wear a mask if you are in a crowded indoor location.  



  • Make sure you are cleared on CoVerified before coming to campus, especially if you are attending in person end of the semester events. 
  • Please report any new symptoms, as this allows health services to connect with you quickly and expedite your access to testing. If you are restricted, make sure you know what steps you need to take to be in compliance such as uploading your booster information or access testing. CoVerified User Guide

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.  



Elisa Castillo, Associate Dean of Students for Wellness 

Gene Labonte, Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Risk Management 

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