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COVID-19 Reminders for Your First Day of Classes

Welcome back, Vikings!

If you're joining us on campus, please be sure you're following all the health and safety guidelines to help protect our community from COVID-19.

The CoVerified app will be updated with our students' COVID vaccination compliance the evening before the first day of classes.

Fully vaccinated students: starting on 09/02/2021, you will receive a pop-up screen asking for additional information about your vaccine the next time you open your CoVerified app. Please complete the information on the pop-up screen.

If you are not fully vaccinated (including those with an approved exemption) or if you have not submitted proof of vaccination to health services, you will be restricted in CoVerified if you have not had a negative COVID test within the past 7 days. Faculty and staff will be asking students to show their cleared CoVerified badge when you enter campus spaces, so please make sure you are following up with what you need to do to be in compliance and receive a clear CoVerified badge.

Need help?

Read the CoVerified User Guide for information on logging in, completing your daily symptom check, scheduling testing and more.

Unsure why you're getting a "restricted" message in CoVerified? Find a list of possibilities an how to resolve them here.

Counseling and Health Services
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