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Chartwells Challenges Salem State to Reduce Food Waste

Reduce food waste on campus and earn money for the Salem State food pantry

Did you know that up to 40% of food produced is wasted?

Chartwells is challenging students to reduce food waste at the North Campus dining commons and Marsh Hall dining room in February and March. The goal is to educate the community and to reduce food waste, save resources and save money.  

How it Works

Volunteers will weigh waste at stations near the plate return area. Those who return a clean plate will receive raffles for dining dollar prizes. Any waste will be scraped into buckets and later weighed. If we reduce the amount of food we waste in March by 5% or more, Chartwells will donate money to the SSU food pantry.

Challenge Dates

Phase I: 2/6  lunch, 2/7 dinner, 2/8 lunch

Phase II: 3/20 lunch, 3/21 dinner, 3/22 lunch

Take the Challenge!

To volunteer, please contact Tara Gallagher.

To learn more about food waste and what you can do, visit NRDC's website.

Please support this effort by dining on campus during one of the meals listed.

Tara A Gallagher
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