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Calling all Day Students! Are You Ready for Registration?

Spring 2019 Day Registration and Advising Dates


October 15-November 1


Seniors: November 1 - 4:30 pm (priority 7 am)
Juniors: November 2 - 4:30 pm (priority 7 am)
Sophomores: November 5 - 4:30 pm (priority 7 am)
First Year Students: November 6- 4:30 pm (priority 7 am)

Advising/Registration Checklist
  • Check your Navigator account for any registration holds (Directions on checking Navigator) and check your to-do list for any outstanding items.
  • Run your Degree Tracker report and review your academic requirements. (Directions for running your degree tracker)
  • Complete a course shopping list/wish list for your spring classes, using your Degree Tracker report to help you choose courses.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor (find your advisor), complete your Advising/Registration worksheet, and receive your registration access code. Do not wait to see your advisor, even if you still have a hold and remember to bring your Mapworks report to your advising session.
  • Plan your schedule by viewing the schedule of classes in Navigator and put your desired classes in your enrollment shopping cart.  You can check for possible registration problems ahead of time by using the "validate" feature. (Directions on checking for registration problems).  You can also use our Schedule Planner to help you put together tricky schedule combinations. (Directions on using the Schedule Planner)
  • View your enrollment appointment for the regular academic session in Navigator (How to find your enrollment appointment)
  • Register on time for the best selection of classes.
  • Run your Degree Tracker report again to confirm your class selections are fulfilling your requirements.

Have questions? 

For advising questions, contact and for holds, to-do list items, and registration-related questions, contact

Megan Miller
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