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Black Lives Matter: Anti-Racism Resources for the Salem State Community

A compilation of anti-racism resources for the Salem State University community

"In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist." - Dr. Angela Y. Davis

The following is a compilation of resources on anti-racism, abridged to be available publicly for the entire Salem State University community. The original comprehensive list remains available; however, is exclusive on Polaris.

As we continue to share our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Salem State members are invited to use, practice, share, and participate in these resources to critically examine and heal our selves, our communities, and our institutions towards the goal of dismantling systemic racism. Thank you for your action.

Healing from Racial Trauma for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

Black-led resources:

Resources for self-care and community-care:

Taking Anti-racist Action and Being an Aspiring Ally

Understanding Systemic Racism:

Support for our Black colleagues and students:

For leadership:

For white people:

For non-Black people of color:

Resources for Parents and Children on Race and Racism:

Nikki Pelonia
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