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Parking Areas and Locations


Before You Drive to Campus

Before you bring your car to campus, explore greener options for commuting to Salem State. With resources like discounted MBTA passes, the Viking Shuttle, carpooling opportunities, and bikeshares, see how you can make your commute environmentally friendly. 


Parking Areas and Locations

All persons parking on Salem State University property do so at their own risk. Salem State is not responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle. Permitted parking areas are available on each campus and are designated by color and permit type (letter designation) within individually numbered lots. All persons authorized to park on campus should match the color and letter of their issued permit with the corresponding color and letter within the specific numbered lots as indicated below. Learn how to get a student parking permit!

Faculty Staff, and Administrator Parking

Faculty and administrators should review the parking information found in Polaris.

Canal Street Road Improvement Project

Please be aware that the city’s Canal Street roadway improvement project is underway. This project, which is expected to be complete in two years, will provide a new gateway to the city, improve safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles, and will enhance the streetscape. Portions of Canal Street will be under construction throughout this two-year period, so please plan your commuting time accordingly. Businesses along Canal Street will remain open throughout construction, and we encourage you to continue your patronage.

General Parking Guidelines

All vehicles parked on campus must be properly permitted. A valid 2016-2017 parking permit must be properly displayed at all times when parked on campus. Only one parking decal can be displayed on a vehicle. Old parking decals must be removed prior to affixing the current year parking permit so as to allow police officers and parking enforcement officers to easily recognize a valid permit while patrolling the parking lots.

All parking permits must be purchased online via the parking permit store, which can be accessed through Navigator. 

The following information provides specifics as to the availability of student parking around campus. Please remember that all vehicles must be parked within a marked parking space. If a vehicle is not parked between two lines in a marked parking space then it is considered illegally/improperly parked and subject to violation and towing. Parking within driving lanes, against curbs or guardrails not defined as a space, in front of fire hydrants, on grass/dirt surfaces etc. is prohibited at all times and under all circumstances. 



Commuter Student Parking Locations

North Campus Parking Garage

  • There are 725 parking spaces available in the parking garage. 
  • All vehicles parked in the garage must have a valid commuter student parking permit or a brown “P” permit.
  • Your ClipperCard will open the access gate. If your Clipper Card does not open the gate then you must send an email to
  • There are a number of marked parking spaces in the garage reserved for energy efficient vehicles, rideshare vehicles, etc. If your vehicle does not fall within one of these categories, please do not park in these spaces. 
  • The parking garage provides convenient access to classrooms on North Campus and the campus Viking shuttle service picks up in front of Peabody Hall to assist with transportation to South Campus or Central Campus.
  • The four-level parking garage was awarded the Parksmart certification at the bronze level, the first new parking garage to receive this honor. Parksmart is an independent rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to recognize sustainable practices in parking structure design. 

  • The garage offers five electric vehicle charging ports and 45 preferred parking spots divided evenly between Rideshare, fuel-efficient, and alternative fuel vehicles. Recycled materials were used for over 30 percent of construction inputs. In addition, an arborist helped to ensure that existing trees were protected during construction.

Central Campus—Canal Street Lot

  • There are a limited number of commuter student parking spaces available in this lot which is located across from the Bertolon School of Business.  
  • As this lot is shared with faculty and employees, students parking in this lot must be attentive and park only in those spaces marked by red signs containing a white letter “C”.

South Campus—Harrington Lots

  • There are commuter student parking spaces located in parking lots in front of and behind the Harrington Building; these are accessible from Harrison Road. 
  • The front lot is shared with resident students so commuters parking in this lot must be attentive and park only in those spaces marked by a red sign with the white “C”.  

O’Keefe Complex Main Lot

  • There are over 500 commuter student parking spaces located in the O’Keefe Complex lot.  
  • This lot is shared with faculty, staff and resident students so students parking in this lot must be attentive and may park in any space other than those marked by blue signs with a white “F” or black signs marked with a white “M”.
  • This parking lot provides convenient walking access to all North Campus buildings and Central Campus buildings. 
  • Students participating in classes or programs located at 287 Lafayette Street (School of Social Work and international programs) should park in this lot near the Forrest Avenue and Lussier Street entrance and walk up Forrest Avenue to Lafayette Street. 

Resident Student Parking Locations

Orange Permit “A”

  • Students with this permit must park in the Central Campus lot nearest to Atlantic Hall. 
  • There are four spaces reserved for short-term drop-off and pick-up. Parking in these spaces is limited to a 30-minute maximum.

Black Permit “M”

  • Students with this permit can park in one of the 100 spaces in the O’Keefe Complex main lot in the area closest to Canal Street. 
  • There are an additional 20 spaces located in the Pacific Street lot.  This lot is accessed off Broadway, behind the Salem Firehouse. The lot abuts the rear of the Alumni Field.

Green Permit “B”

  • Resident students with this permit must park in the Harrington lot located on South Campus adjacent to the Bates Complex.  
  • This lot is shared with commuter students so students parking in this lot must be attentive and only park in those spaces marked by a green sign with white “B”.  
  • In the event the resident student spaces in the main Harrington lot are full then students with this permit are permitted to park in the small upper lot. This lot is a mixed-use lot marked for both Bates resident students and commuter students. 

Brown Permit “P”

  • Resident students with this permit must park in the North Campus Parking Garage above in spaces above the second floor.  
  • Your ClipperCard will open the access gate. If your ClipperCard does not open the gate then you must send an email to

Handicapped/Accessible Spaces

These spaces are posted in all lots (North Campus, South Campus, Upper South Campus, Central Campus, and O'Keefe Complex).



Pedestrian Safety

Over the last several months the city of Salem and the university have collaborated on some pedestrian crossing improvements designed to enhance pedestrian safety and traffic flow along Loring Avenue. The city has enhanced the crosswalk connecting the Salem bike path over Loring Avenue which is a primary crossing point between Central Campus, the Canal Street parking lot and the Stanley Building. This crosswalk now includes “bump outs” designed to provide traffic calming while increasing the visibility of pedestrians wishing to cross Loring Avenue. It is imperative that members of the university community obey the law and utilize the available crosswalk when crossing Loring Avenue. As part of the pedestrian crossing improvements the crosswalk that previously connected Central Campus directly with the Canal Street parking lot has been eliminated. Pedestrians must not cross Loring Avenue outside of a marked crosswalk.

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