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Student Parking Guidelines During Snow Emergencies

Parking guidelines for snow removal 
in resident student parking lots (see the O'Keefe Complex and parking garage below for commuter student parking information)

South Campus Lot

During a snowstorm, a section of the South Campus lot will be plowed so that Bates residents can move their cars to a cleared area. The remaining area of the lot will then be plowed to accommodate the daily parking needs of South Campus. 

Central Campus Resident Student Parking

Resident students with permits to park in the resident student lot ( “A” Permit Parking) will be notified when plowing will occur in that lot. University police or residence life staff will notify students when to move their vehicles to a specified location. Any vehicle parked in an incorrect location or that is not moved promptly when notified will be ticketed and towed. When plowing is complete, resident students must move their vehicles back to their permitted area. 

O’Keefe Complex Lot

A majority of the parking spaces in the O’Keefe Lot are designated as commuter student parking and university staff parking. During snow emergencies, properly registered city residents living in the immediate vicinity of O’Keefe are allowed to park in this lot, as well. City residents must have a current year permit issued by the university police in order to  park in this lot. Resident students with permits authorizing parking in the O’Keefe Lot (“M” Permit Parking) may be notified when plowing will occur in the O’Keefe Lot and be instructed to move their vehicles. Resident students must move their vehicles promptly when notified or be subject to ticketing and towing. When plowing is complete, resident students must move their vehicles back to their permitted area.

North Campus Parking Garage

Parking garage spots are limited to commuter students. Unless specifically ordered by university police, no resident student parking is allowed in the garage at any time.

Student Overnight Visitors

Overnight visitor parking is allowed from 5 pm until 
7 am, at which time ALL overnight guests must remove their cars from campus parking lots. Overnight guests, accompanied by their resident student host, must register their vehicles with university police and display a temporary parking permit on their dashboard. University police will direct guests to a specific parking lot based on where the guest will be staying. Overnight guests may be required to move their cars to facilitate snow removal.

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