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Travel Restrictions

University-Related Travel

University-sponsored student travel, including athletic and community service trips, is canceled through April 11. 

All work-related travel for university employees, both foreign and domestic, is discontinued until further notice. Campus leaders will be contacting trip organizers with further details.

Study Abroad

We have contacted each student that is already studying abroad. We will support any student who wishes to return home and will do our best to ensure that their program is providing options for the continuation of coursework. Please note that we are not mandating that these students return home. If they do return from a CDC determined pandemic country, we are requiring them to remain off-campus for 14 days and that they participate in a self-monitoring process under the guidance of our counseling and health services department.

Personal Travel

We strongly discourage community members from participating in any travel activities.

Travel Precautions

Please be aware that if you choose to travel, you may be subject to a 14-day self-quarantine upon your return and you may not be permitted to return to campus. You may also experience travel delays and unforeseen medical costs if hospitalization is needed that may not be covered by your health insurance. Please take into consideration the impact personally and professionally if you were to be quarantined upon return. 

If you decide to travel this spring, please notify the following departments:

  • Students should contact Counseling and Health Services at 978.542.6413
  • Faculty and Staff should contact Human Resources at 978.542.6123


We have received questions about reimbursement for university-sponsored travel. As each situation is different, we ask that faculty members contact academic affairs and staff members should alert their area vice president. If you are a student, please contact student life for travel in the United States or the Center for International Education for study abroad trips. We're going to do our best for you and ask for your patience as these situations vary greatly and immediate answers may not be available. 

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