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Considering a Graduate Program

Before making the financial and personal commitment to a graduate program or certificate, you can take a few classes first.

Registration Dates

Winter/Spring 2021

Browse wintersession and spring semester courses beginning on October 13. Open registration for visiting students begins on November 9.

If You Have Never Registered or Applied to Salem State

To take a graduate-level class at Salem State, use our self-service process. 

If You Have Registered Before

Previous applicants or students at Salem State will not be able to use the self-service tool. Instead, you’ll need to reactivate your student account by selecting "Account Help" from the Navigator login page, or you’ll need to contact the Student Navigation Center.

Get Started

We hope that, when considering a graduate program, your classes will help you decide to get your degree at Salem State.

Choose Your Classes

When you are ready to choose your graduate classes, go to Navigator and click class search. You may also want to think about your future plans, as you can take up to 3 graduate courses or 9 graduate credits before you have to enroll in a Salem State program.

Talk to Your Program Coordinator

Have you decided that you want to enroll in a graduate program? Or are you hitting your three-course limit? Contact one of our program advisors to discuss if you are a good graduate candidate and which classes you can use to count toward your degree.


If you’ve chosen your classes and you’re ready to finish the process, log into Navigator and click on Manage Classes to search for classes and register.

Not You?

If this sounds like you, but you are earning credit for a graduate program at another school, look at the visiting graduate process. Otherwise, we can show you how to join us as a full-time, part-time, or certificate graduate student.

Get the Answers

Get advice about the graduate program that interests you from a coordinator, or contact the School of Graduate Studies.

Phone: 978.542.6323

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