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Getting Started with a My Activities Portfolio

My Activities Portfolio is an official university online tool, available through Navigator that helps you track your out-of-classroom activities, experiences and skills in chronological order. Whether you’ve participated in an athletic or intramural team, a student organization or university committee, an internship, study abroad, creative arts or civic engagement activity, My Activities Portfolio is self-guiding but does require the participation of an activities advisor to verify the accuracy of information entered. The result is an official university document, validated by Salem State, that can be a supplement to a resume or job application.

Use the information collected to:

  • create your resume
  • supplement your application for an on-campus or off-campus job, internship or leadership application
  • identify and plan future activities

Creating a portfolio is easy to do. Simply log on to Navigator and go to the My Activities Portfolio link under the campus life tab. Also, check out the My Activities Portfolio resources including frequently asked questions and the new user guide.


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