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Student involvement and activities works with the social fraternities and sororities at Salem State University. These values-based organizations work to promote the principles that serve as the foundation for their organizations. As a community the fraternities and sororities strive to live the values of their founders and uphold the Salem State fraternity and sorority pillars of excellence. Being involved in fraternity and sorority life provides ample opportunities to develop into a successful citizen leader.

Pillars of Excellence

The pillars of excellence serve as the foundation for the fraternities and sororities at Salem State University to build upon. The purpose of the pillars of excellence is to encourage the fraternities and sororities to achieve higher standards, which impact a positive reputation on campus, successful operations and management, and chapter achievements.


Service and Philanthropy:  Giving back to the community or a cause without seeking praise by contributing service hours or funds.

Scholarship: Maintaining a satisfactory GPA and promoting academic excellence by exam.

Community: Upholding the value of brotherhood and sisterhood by providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Leadership: Developing qualities and skills that prepare members to become active participants in the local and global community.

Wellness: Living and promoting positive interpersonal relationships and self-care habits.

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Men’s Organizations

Alpha Sigma Phi

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Women’s Organizations

Phi Sigma Sigma

Theta Phi Alpha

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