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Exterior of apartments.
Bike area
Waiting in front of Bates.
Single bed in double room.
Single bed in double room.
Living room in Bates.
Common area
Common area
Welcome to the Bates Complex!

Living at Bates

Bates Complex, located on South Campus, houses 360 juniors and seniors in 60 six-person apartments and provides students with a more independent living area.

There are two types of apartments: "flats" which are single-level apartments and "townhouses" which are two-level apartments. Each flat has three double rooms. Most townhouses are also set up with three double rooms. However, a small number have two double rooms and two single rooms. Every apartment includes two bathrooms, a kitchen with a full-size stove and refrigerator, and a living area.

Within the complex, the Bates Commons Building houses an information desk, mailroom, laundry area, tv, and a recreation lounge with a pool table. The complex is smoke-free and divided into a substance-free area (for students under 21) and a non-traditional housing area for students over the age of 21.

The complex is divided into 15 entryways, with four apartments in each entryway. Only the residents of each entryway have key access to their entry.

What to Know About Living at Bates

The complex is staffed by a full-time resident director with a master's degree, an assistant resident director and eight resident assistants. An area office is staffed periodically through the day and also in the evenings from 7-11 pm. 


Contact and Mailing Information

Building Address:

When addressing mail to this building, please use the following layout
Student Name
Bates Hall/Student Box #
1 Loring Avenue
Salem State University
Salem, MA 01970

Contact Information:

Front desk: 978.542.4440
Area Coordinator: Travis Fleming, 978.542.8404
Graduate Resident Director: Joshua Beckett, 978.542.2011

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