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First-Year Themed Housing

Live, learn and grow with other first-year students at Salem State University who have an interest in art, creative writing, dance, design, music, or theatre. The Creative and Performing Arts community will connect with the help of their faculty in residence and student staff focused on the arts. From discussions with artists and performing arts LLC get to engage with the world in a unique way.

The Healthy Living community brings together students who have an interest in living with a focus on all aspects of wellness. With the support of their faculty in residence, members of the healthy living LLC will get to explore wellness from all angles. From interactive presentations to in-hall exercise groups, living healthily will be easy in Peabody.

Through a partnership with the diversity and multicultural affairs office and various faculty. The Diversity and Inclusion community will provide an opportunity to attend events and discuss matters of ethnicity, gender, race, sexuality, and promote a better understanding of human difference within the world today.

Upper-Class Themed Housing

The community will focus on the partnerships between the helping professions. Students with an interest in nursing, education, law enforcement, psychology , social work, and other helping professions will get a chance to interact and discuss current issues in their feilds. This community will be in close contact with faculty and administrators with a passion for the helping professions and participate in several trips throughout the year to connect students with the surrounding community.

The Global Village community housed at Bates Complex in entryways 1, 2, 3, and 4. An opportunity for students from a variety of countries including the United States, to live alongside one another sharing perspectives, experiences, and finding common ground. Programs and events in the Global Village will be focused on celebrating the heritage and customs of the many cultures represented.

Come live in Viking Hall with Sophomores and Juniors interested in Women's Leadership. This themed housing area will focus on cultivating and supporting women's leadership right here at Salem State University. Whether you consider yourself a women leader, aspiring leader, or supporter of women leadership, today.

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