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Students receive a mailbox and either the combination or a key upon moving onto campus. Mail is delivered Monday through Friday and is delivered to your numbered mailbox, not your room. If you receive a package, priority mail or oversized mail, you will receive a notification with further instructions in your mailbox.

When providing your mailing address to family and friends, it should read as follows:

Your name
Hall name and box # (i.e. Bowditch 225) Salem State University
1 Loring Avenue
Salem, MA 01970



Deliveries of food, flowers and so on are made to the front desks at Atlantic, Bates, Bowditch, Marsh, and Viking Halls. At Bates, deliveries are made directly to individual entryways. Deliveries cannot be made to room or apartment doors, so plan to meet all delivery persons either at the entryway door, or in the lobby of the building. Federal Express packages are generally delivered to the campus mailroom in Meier Hall. Because of mailroom hours, this may cause a delivery delay, as mail is not delivered to residential areas on Saturdays or Sundays.


Computer and Internet Access

Computers should be plugged into the blue jack in your room. To log on to Navigator for wireless access, visit, and follow the instructions to get connected. For help with computer issues, contact the information technology services help line at 978.542.2036.


Cable Service

Standard cable is provided in each residential room.

Please report problems with your cable service directly to Information Technology at


Vending and Laundry Machine Refunds

If a snack or beverage machine is not working properly, please contact the front desks and staff will have someone repair it. Owners of the various machines are responsible for providing refunds from their machines only. Contact information for vendors is on each machine. Malfunctioning laundry machines should be reported to the front desks. If you prefer, you may contact the laundry machine contractor directly at 1-800-MAC-GRAY.


Health and Safety Inspections

Residence life staff will inspect your room or apartment occasionally each semester, and when closing the residence halls for vacation breaks. Notice of inspections will be posted 24 hours in advance. If you are unable to be present for an inspection, staff will enter your apartment and do

a walk-through to check for anything that endangers the health, safety or well being of other residents. If a staff member finds a violation, you will be instructed to give the item to your resident director, or remove it, by a certain date. Failure to comply with the request may lead to student conduct action.

Illegal items will be held in the resident director/assistant resident director office a maximum of two weeks, after which, if not claimed, they will be discarded.

NOTE: In the course of inspections, staff will log damage or items in need of attention. Maintenance staff will fix or repair those items at a later time.


Locked Out?

If you accidentally lock yourself out of your room or apartment, it is your responsibility to find a resident assistant for assistance.

Note: Resident directors, assistant resident directors and resident assistants are not required to open your door if you lock yourself out. Opening you door is a courtesy provided by the staff.

The resident director may request a meeting with students who lock themselves out frequently. Together, you can discuss ways to remember your keys. If your resident director believes you have lost your keys or ID card and not reported the loss, they may arrange to have the lock changed.

If you are locked out:

Try to find your roommate for assistance before asking a resident assistant to help. If you are unable to find one of your roommates, seek out the assistance of a resident assistant. Front desk staff will not page or call a resident to assist with a lockout unless the resident is inappropriately dressed (has just gotten out of the shower, for instance.)

Please be courteous. Staff members are much more likely to assist with a lockout if you ask nicely:

  • Say please and thank you
  • Do not ask too often
  • Make your request at a reasonable hour of the day or night
  • Be patient; if a staff member is busy, he or she may refuse or delay your request
  • Be responsible about carrying your keys with you; repeat violators may face further action as deemed appropriate by the residence life staff
  • Be realistic; residence life staff members will not let you into another student’s room because you forgot something inside, or want to borrow something 


None of the residential areas provide room for student storage. All of your belongings must be kept in your room or apartment. Belongings left behind in a room or building will be discarded after residence life has made a reasonable effort to contact the owners. Residence life does not store student belongings for any period of time.

If you have brought a bicycle to campus, you must either keep it in your room, or outside, attached to one of the bicycle racks. Additionally there is now a bike room located in Viking hall. Students can contact university police to gain key access to this location. Bicycles may not be kept in hallways, lounges or stairwells.

to send and receive messages without leaving the building. Front desk staff may not give out personal information, however, so you should make certain your guests or family members know your room extension, or have some other way to contact you.

All residents are expected to treat front desk staff with courtesy and respect in the performance of their duties.


What happens if I move?

If you move from one space on campus to another, or move from a residence hall to an off-campus location, you must complete a change-of-address card (available at the Salem Post Office). This ensures that your mail is forwarded to your new residence. The post office is located at 2 Margin Street in Salem. You should also notify the mailroom in your residence hall, and provide it with your new address.

All express, priority and first-class mail (cards and letters) will be forwarded to the address you provide. If you

have not left a forwarding address, mail will be marked “return to sender,” and given back to the post office. Periodicals, including magazines and newspapers, will not be forwarded. If you fail to change your address with the publisher, your periodicals will be discarded.

Salem State will cease forwarding mail one year after a resident has moved out of the residence halls. At that point, their mail will be marked “return to sender,” and sent back to the post office.


Vacations and Closings

Residential areas open the day before classes begin and are closed for all major university recesses (Thanksgiving, winter break and spring break). The only residential area that remains open during breaks is Bates Complex. In order to stay there, you must either currently live there, or have written permission from a Bates resident and their apartment mates to stay in their space. You must also obtain permission to stay from the Bates Complex resident director by the advertised deadline. You will be charged weekly for any stay on campus while the university is closed.

While living on campus during a recess period, you are expected to abide by all university and residence life policies, including that for guests. There is limited staff available during this time. If you are unable to find a staff member during the recess, please contact university police for assistance. All residents staying at Bates over a recess are required to turn in their key by a designated time at the end of the break. Failure to do so will result in an automatic fee charge to the student’s account. (See your letter of approval to stay for more details, and for instructions about how to turn in your key.)

Please note:

When you leave for breaks, you must unplug all electrical items, (with the exception of refrigerators during Thanksgiving and spring breaks)

Residence life staff will conduct inspections of each room during break, but are not responsible for food that spoils while you are gone.

At official-check outs at the end of the semester or year, residents must turn in all keys and sign the appropriate paperwork or face additional charges. Residents must officially check out of residence facilities within 24-hours of their last final, or on the last day residence halls remain open, whichever is earlier.


Snow Cancellations

Notice of university closings due to snow can be found on the following radio and television stations, as well as on the Salem State website ( or Facebook page:

  • Channels 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • WBZ (1030 AM)
  • WEEI (590 AM)
  • WESX (1230 AM)
  • WFNX (101.7 FM)
  • WHDH (850 AM)
  • WMWM (91.7 FM)
  • WNSH (1570 AM)
  • WRKO (680 AM)

Residents with cars will be notified where to move their cars so plows can get in and clear the parking lots. Failure to move a car will result in the vehicle being towed at the resident’s expense.


Communication with Parents or Family

Students’ parents or family members often contact residence life staff to discuss issues with their students, or to seek information about the student. Residence life cannot comply unless the student has signed a waiver form allowing staff to speak with their parents or a family member about issues pertaining to them.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

(20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal Law that protects the privacy of student education records. These records include grades, student conduct sanctions, financial records, and other personal information. Residence life offers students the option of releasing their information

to approved persons (such as parents or guardians) for the purpose of discussing issues or incidents of conflict, behavior, crises, and so on that occur in the residential areas. Students wishing to complete a waiver form should contact their resident director.


Residence Life Statement of Affirmative Action

Residence life supports and upholds Salem State’s policies on affirmative action, and will not tolerate discrimination. If you believe a policy has been violated, please speak with your resident assistant or resident director, or stop by the residence life office to speak with an administrator.

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