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Information about residence hall damages and repairs

All outstanding bills, including those for damages*, must be taken care of before you will be allowed to pay your housing deposit, participate in room selection or register for classes.

*Damage bills are sent out twice a year and must be paid to the bursar’s office within 30 days.

When you check into your residential area, you will be issued an electronic Room Condition Report, sent via official Salem State email. This will be an official record of the condition of your room, suite or apartment and will be used when you check out to determine assessments to you or your roommates for damages or missing items. You will have one week from the time you check in to review your report, and verify that all items in your room or apartment are as indicated on the report. If you feel there are corrections or adjustments needed, please email housing@, or speak with your resident assistant or assistant resident director/resident director. Failure to properly double check your room condition report and file corrections within one week of check in may mean that you will be charged for damages at the end of the year even if you did not cause them.

Repair Requests

We would like to urge that students input any repair requests (work orders) to facilities through the use of School Dude work order system. If you have anything that may need to be fixed in your room or building, you may use this system to request that this is completed. For instructions on how to place a work order, please go to:

With any questions about the work order system please contact Facilities at 978.542.6350.

Common Area Damage Policy

A $50 damage deposit is assessed to every resident student’s account at the beginning of the academic year. Any damages that occur in common areas of the residential facilities (hallways, lounges, bathrooms, stairwells, and so on) during the course of the year will be reviewed and— subject to a determination by the resident director—charged to the residents of that particular area. Residents may come forward to take responsibility for common area damages, or report what they have witnessed. If, after an investigation by your resident director, an individual is found responsible, that individual—and not the community—will cover the entire cost of repair. If there is not sufficient evidence linking an individual to the damage, however, the entire community will share the cost of repairs. At the end of

the year, residents who have incurred damages will be charged for any costs over and above their $50 deposit.

The accounts of those who have caused no damage will be credited for any amount not used.

Common area damages are not applicable.

To appeal a room or apartment damage charge, residents must submit a letter of appeal to Daymyen Layne, assistant director of residence life, housing operations, by the deadline specified in the damage description letter.

Cost to Repair Damages

To view a summary of typical costs associated with repairing or cleaning the residential areas, or replacing lost keys, visit our damages and repairs cost and fees page

These lists are updated on a regular basis and are subject to change dependent upon individual service providers, time of repair (extra charges for after hours), and the exact nature of the problem. For specific charges look for common area damage posters in your hall or see your resident director. 

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