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Expectations of Community Behaviors

The following outlines residence life policies by which students are expected to abide while living in the residence halls.

As a resident, you are expected to abide by the Student Conduct Code. In particular, you are responsible for any behavior that occurs within your room and you should talk with your roommate(s) about staying in compliance with both residence life and university policies. Failure to abide by any of these policies will result in a student conduct referral.

Community Behavior

Students are expected to demonstrate respect for one another, as well as the community in which they live. Students and their guests are expected to respect the privacy of individuals in the Bowditch, Marsh and Peabody Hall community bathrooms, as well as in the apartment and public bathrooms in Atlantic and Viking Residence Halls and at the Bates Complex. Students will also be held responsible for their guests’ actions.

The residential areas on campus do not run themselves. As a member of the Salem State community, you are expected to respect all residential areas and report any damage or acts of vandalism you encounter.

Courtesy and Quiet Hours

Students are expected to abide by quiet hours.

In the residential areas and should ensure that no sounds from their rooms or apartments can be heard by students in other areas. Quiet hours are:

  • Sunday–Thursday: 9 pm–9 am
  • Friday–Saturday: 12 am–10 am
  • Please note that during final exam periods, quiet hours are in effect 24-hours a day

Courtesy hours are in effect 24-hours a day. Residents are expected to comply with other student or staff requests to lower noise levels when requested at any point during the day. Residents should use good judgment, and be considerate of neighbors, including the people living above and below them. The city of Salem noise ordinance is in effect daily from 11 pm–7 am, and applies to music heard both in and outside of buildings. Campus police officers must enforce the ordinance, and may fine students up to $200 for violations. This includes equipment that amplifies music and musical instruments. Changes to quiet hours for a specific residence hall may be made at the discretion of the building’s area coordinator.


Salem State University is tobacco-free. The health and safety of students, employees and visitors is a top priority for Salem State University. To promote a safe and healthful work environment, Salem State has adopted new standards to encourage smokers to reduce or eliminate their use of tobacco and to protect non-smokers from exposure to tobacco smoke. There is no smoking, or the use of other related tobacco products, allowed on university property.

Trash and Recycling

Residents of Peabody and Bowditch Halls may put small bags of trash in the trash chutes. Cardboard, newspaper, hangers, glass, boxes, and large items should be taken to the dumpster. Excessive trash left in hallways, lounges or stairwells will result in charges to those on your floor or in your entryway. Bates residents must bring trash to the dumpsters. Residents at the Atlantic, Marsh and Viking Residence Halls, must put trash in bins within designated trash rooms. All rooms/apartments are provided recycling bins to utilize in collecting recyclable materials and should empty these bins into the larger bins located on each floor or in each entryway. Putting garbage in recycling bins could result in damage charges to your community.

The Maintainers 

Each residential area on campus is staffed by a group of dedicated and committed maintainers. These individuals spend significant amounts of time cleaning the common areas (stairwells, lounges, bathrooms, and so on), and ensuring that the buildings are comfortable places for residents to live in. Get to know the maintainers in your area, and assist them by properly disposing of your trash, picking up after yourself and encouraging your fellow community members to respect the residence halls.               


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