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Policies and procedures

Keys and Swipe Cards

The keys and swipe cards issued to each resident are the responsibility of that student. Students should not share their keys or swipe cards, give them to another individual or duplicate them. Lost keys and swipe cards should be reported to residence life staff immediately. The graduate resident director or area coordinator will determine if the lost item can be replaced, or if an entire core change is needed.

Bag Inspection

Residence life staff reserves the right to inspect all bags and containers brought into the residence halls. Residents are expected to comply with staff requests to open bags, suitcases and boxes. Students who fail to comply will not be allowed to enter the building.

Guests and Visitation 

Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests while they are on campus. If a guest violates state law or university policy, the host student may be subject to civil, criminal or student conduct action. Students should never sign someone they do not know into a building. A person is considered a guest if they do not live in the host’s room. Only those guests who do not live in a host’s building must be signed in.

Guest Policy

  • Each resident may have no more than two guests at any one time
  • Guests must be signed in at the front desk upon entering the building. The only exceptions are family members visiting for less than 20 minutes. In these situations, they must still be accompanied by the resident and must sign the family log. At Bates Complex, where there is not a 24-hour front desk, students are responsible for keeping track of their guests. In the event that Residents in Bates Complex are documented for violating quiet hours, the alcohol policy, or any other policy contained in this Guide to Living or Student Conduct Code, residence life reserve the right to ask that all guest vacate the space and the party disburse.
  • Guests who are 18 years or older must provide a valid picture ID which includes the guest’s name, picture, and date of birth, which will be held at the front desk until the guest leaves the hall; temporary non-picture IDs are not valid forms of identification.
  • Guests aged 16 or 17 must present a letter from a parent or guardian that indicates they are allowed to visit.
  • Guests under the age of 16 are not allowed to stay in the residence halls.
  • Residents must escort their guest at all times.
  • If a guest wishes to use the bed or room of another resident, they must get permission from the resident in advance; if the resident’s roommate objects to having a guest in their room or apartment, the guest may not stay.

    In all residential areas, guests are only allowed to stay overnight for a total of:

  • Four nights a month
  • No more than two consecutive nights on two occasions
  • Failure to follow the guest policy will result in a student’s loss of guest privileges, and/or the guest being banned from the area. Residence life reserves the right to limit the number of people in a room or apartment for reasons of safety and behavior.

  • Residents of Bates Complex are allowed no more than 12 guests in the apartment space at a time. There should not be more than 18 people present in a Bates Apartment at any time. If the number of occupants exceeds 18, residence life staff may request that all guest and students who are not assigned to the specific apartment vacate the space. Failure to comply would constitute a violation of the Residence Life Agreement and may lead to disciplinary charges or university police involvement. 

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