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At Salem State University we provide resources for students to enhance or create many diverse and exciting leadership opportunities. Student Leadership can be found in the Campus Center office room 218.

We have a number of resources and listings of opportunities to enrich leadership styles and growth for individuals and organizations. A significant component of the co-curricular educational experience of Salem State students is leadership opportunities through a one credit course, civic engagement, and groups and clubs involvement. Through these leadership experiences students will develop skills and abilities, gain leadership opportunities, and then enhance their overall personal development.


Leadership Institute Class

The Leadership Institute is an opportunity for student leaders to study the dynamics of leadership in a structured and focused learning environment. Participants will attend a variety of seminars focused on leadership skills. By exploring the Social Change Model, students will be able to examine their own skills and leadership style. In past institutes, sessions ranged from time management, ethical decision making, diversity issues, leadership styles, how to market one self, and many more!

In order to successfully complete the institute, students must attend a minimum of five sessions. Students can take the institute as a one credit course. It is listed as IDS 299 Topics in Student Affairs. The institute is offered during the fall and spring semesters.

Any questions can be directed to Melissa Arroyo, Associate Director, Student Involvement and Activities.


Recognition Activities

Student Leadership Recognition

Each year, the student involvement and activities office coordinates student recognition awards. The recipients of these awards are determined by a committee composed of students, faculty members, and administrators. These awards include Who's Who, Silver Key and Special Recognition awards.

The Senior Awards are presented to a select group of graduating seniors who are members and who meet the following criteria for each award:

Silver Key

Applicant has a cumulative grade point average between 3.00 and 4.00, significant involvement within the major area of academic concentration, and participation in co-curricular activities within the university community. 

Special Recognition

Applicants have demonstrated involvement within the major area of academic concentration and demonstration of significant involvement in co-curricular activities within the college community. 

Who's Who

Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities is an award given to students either in the junior or senior year. It is based on one's leadership, character, and involvement in college community life. The award is also based on past and present work and service that the student has done to improve the college and its community. Who's Who is a national award in conjunction with Salem State University. The application and selection process takes place in the spring semester. 

Student Organization Leadership Awards

The Kenneth J. McIlraith Awards

The Kenneth J. McIlraith Awards are given to those officially recognized student organizations who best exemplify extraordinary leadership in their specific areas of academic affiliation, community and social awareness and cultural activity. These awards are intended not only to acknowledge those active student organizations but also to reflect and signify the outstanding contributions which President McIlraith has made to the university. Past recipients include the Student Theatre Ensemble, the Afrikan American Students Association, Criminal Justice Academy, Catholic Student Community, Art Society, and the International Students Association.

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