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Vision for the Future: 2020 Salem State Occupational Therapy Conference

16th Annual Graduate Research Conference

The 2020 Salem State Occupational Therapy Conference promotes emerging practice areas in the field through graduate research panels. In the spirit of improving quality of life, with a focus on community needs, this year's graduating class is seeking to donate a percentage of all proceeds to charities striving to help those in need.


In 2016, Joe Sharron experienced a spinal cord injury (SCI) that resulted in paralysis from the neck down. Even though Joe could no longer use his body the way he used to, he continues to thrive while inspiring others through his positive and persistent attitude. During his rehabilitation, Joe developed an immediate connection with occupational therapy.

When 3:00pm
DoubleTree Hotel
50 Ferncroft Rd., Danvers, MA 01923
Sandy Krushenick

For access and accommodation information, visit our page on access or email

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