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ROTATIONS/Mark Malloy/Sabbatical Exhibition

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Tuesday, January 17 -Friday, February 10

Mark Malloy has been a professor of art + design at Salem State University since 1999. He works in various media and is a professor of both fine art and graphic design. 

Rotations reflects the work done during his sabbatical in the spring of 2022. The works on display include paintings of streetscapes and figures as well as prints and video installations. 

From professor Malloy's Artist Statement: 

"The streetscapes provide a way for me to wrestle and revel in color, line, space, surface, and all the formal, compositional problems that painting lets you explore. The paintings were done while looking at places in eastern Massachusetts (Salem, Provincetown, Winthrop, Plymouth, and others). I prefer to focus on where I live—what I drive by every day. The exotic is too much for me, too unknown. I would rather look at what is around me and discover what is there. 

My first artistic love was painting people. Figures are loaded with questions for both the artist and the viewer: Who is that? What does this mean? So, I tried to focus on what makes me paint them and not worry about the viewer as much. I trust that people will find whatever they’d like to find—and I am often delighted with what they discover that I never would have expected. 

Beyond my paintings in this exhibtion are multimedia installations. I called the first couple of these pieces “Sunday Papers” as it connected with something I always did as a kid: draw all over whatever I found on the pages of the Sunday paper. As I made this new work, I thought of them as moving paintings rather than as videos. They were a series of accidents that I did not even know I was combining with a purpose. Somehow, they turned into something profoundly relevant to what I was living, thinking, and feeling. The sound was created in a similar fashion."

Additional exhibition events

Artist Talk
January 25
12:30-1:30 pm
MLK Room, ECC and on Zoom (advance registration required for the Zoom meeting)

6:30-8 pm
February 3

Gallery Discussions
12:00-1 pm
February 1 and 8

Mark Malloy, stumbling

When 4:00pm
Ellison Campus Center, North Campus
1 Meier Drive, Salem, MA 01970
The Winfisky Gallery
Karen A Gahagan

For access and accommodation information, visit our page on access or email

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