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In response to the latest COVID-19 surge, spring semester classes will take place remotely through January 30, 2022.

Research Day 2021

Status message

Please note that this event has already occurred.

Salem State hosts an annual Research Day for faculty and graduate students to share their scholarship and creative activities. This year the event will take place virtually on May 6, 2021! 

The event will be hosted in Gather.Town, a platform that allows for interactive poster sessions. We will also host panel sessions and papers. Visit Research Day 2021!

Faculty Publication Celebration  

This is an opportunity to celebrate Salem State faculty who have published, performed, or exhibited during the calendar year 2020. This event will take place virtually from 12-1 pm on May 6, 2021. Visit the Publication Celebration.


Research Day Event Schedule | May 6, 2021

22nd Annual Faculty and Graduate Research Symposium and Publication Celebration

*Schedule subject to change

  • 12 pm: Provost Silva Welcome | Keynote Room
  • 12:15-12:45 pm: Publication Celebration | Lawn outside of the Keynote Room
  • 12:45 pm: Provost Silva Comments, Graduate Dean Bellar Welcome | Keynote Room
  • 1-5 pm: Concurrent Presentations and Poster Sessions | Presentation Rooms
  • 1-2:15 pm: Concurrent Presentations and Posters | Session 1
  • 2:20-3:35 pm: Concurrent Presentations and Posters | Session 2
  • 3:40-5 pm: Concurrent Presentations and Posters | Session 3

Papers and Presentations

Session 1: 9:30 am

Performance A

  • History/Donna A. Seger
  • Matthew Swindell: Division! The Crisis of the Commonwealth in Beverly's Civil War

Performance B

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Olivia Fasino:  Unspoiled Gender

Presentations 1

  • Accounting and Finance/Hongtao Guo
  • Gianni Dominguez: Banning Employer Drug Testing for Marijuana

Presentations 2

  • Psychology/David Gow
  • Timothy Giannatsis: Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks in testing a Dual Lexical System

Presentations 3

  • Media and Communications/Rebecca Hains
  • Nicole Leslie Coates: Race Representation and the Translation to Screen: A Critical Analysis of Cloud Atlas

Presentations 4

  • Sport and Movement Science/Brett R. Ely
  • Olivia Ademi: Heart rate variability as a measure of cardiovascular health in individuals with spinal cord injury

Presentations 5

  • Geography and Sustainability/Steven Silvern
  • Alice Paul Hurst-MacDonald: A Green Future in the Desert: Navajo Energy Transformation

Session 2:  9:50 am

Performance A

  • Secondary and Higher Education/Roopika Risam
  • Christina Gelin: A Reading of Ebony Eyes

Performance B

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Lisandra Fernandez: Dancing with a Learning Disability

Presentations 1

  • Political Science/Vanessa Ruget
  • Molly Finch: Climate-induced Migration from Central America

Presentations 2

  • Psychology/Joanna Gonsalves
  • Gabrielle Vitiello: Freedom to Teach: Investigating Urban School Systems

Presentations 3

  • English/Stephenie Young
  • Jillian Bowden: Generational Memory in Graphic Novels about the Holocaust

Presentations 4

  • Sport and Movement Science/Brett R. Ely
  • Jack O'Brien: Impact of exercise and/or passive heating on hemodynamics and cardiovascular health

Presentations 5

  • Geography and Sustainability/Stephen Young
  • Rebecca Smalley: Drone Video of Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Session 3: 10:10 am

Performance A

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Erin Hanafin: Anhedonia

Performance B

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Kristy Pratt: Film vs. Live Performance: Point Of View

Presentations 1

  • Economics/Kurt von Seekamm
  • Isabella Gentile: College Major and the Gender Pay Gap

Presentations 2

  • Interdisciplinary Studies/Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello
  • Anthony Luiso: The Struggle for Food Sovereignty in Puerto Rico

Presentations 3

  • Theatre and Speech Communication/Julie Kiernan
  • Sarah Belley: An objective look into the directing process

Presentations 4

  • Social Work/Rebecca Mirick
  • Adrianna Hartman: Lasting Psychological Effects on Survivors of Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse and the Available Resources and Interventions in Massachusetts  

Presentations 5

  • Geography and Sustainability/Stephen Young
  • Danny Szottfried: Halibut Point State Park from Above

Session 4: 10:20 am

Presentations 2

  • Interdisciplinary Studies/Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello
  • Declan Timpany: DID Representation in Popular Media: From the Screens to the Streets

Session 5: 10:30 am

Performance A

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Kylie Persson: Unapologetic Bodies

Performance B

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Melissa Pratt  - The Emotional Impact Of Dance On Stage And Dance On Film

Presentations 1

  • Accounting and Finance/Sanjay Jain
  • Geech Huot: Financial Crisis Indicators

Presentations 2

  • Interdisciplinary Studies/Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello
  • Cinnamon Bohm: Poverty: The Shameless Middle-Class Fetish

Presentations 3

  • School of Education/Megin Charner-Laird
  • Sarah Ciman,Eleanor Ofiesh: Learning Through Play in the Elementary Classroom

Presentations 4

  • Sociology/Tiffany Gayle Chenault
  • Harley Pereira, Alex Hayward: LGBTQ Students and Activism on Salem State University's Campus

Session 6: 10:40 am

Presentations 2

  • Interdisciplinary Studies/Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello
  • Savion Wade: Black Athletes and Social Justice

Session 7:  10:50 am

Performance A

  • Music and Dance/M J Grenfell
  • Annabelle Dionne: Remembering Voices

Performance B

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Anastasia Wade: Anhedonia

Presentations 1

  • Political Science/Vanessa Ruget
  • William Scanlan: The Effectiveness of Compulsory Voting: Evidence from Brazil, Belgium, and Beyond

Presentations 2

  • Interdisciplinary Studies/Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello
  • Alice Paul Hurst-MacDonald: Modern Indigenous Climate Policy: A Navajo Narrative

Presentations 3

  • Secondary and Higher Education/Roopika Risam
  • Lianna Angelis: Using Digital Literacy Standards in Regular Practice

Presentations 4

  • Sociology/Tiffany Gayle Chenault
  • Casey Thompson, Brendon Mageary - Activism, Censorship, and Social Class: Salem State University in the 1960s and 70s


Session 8: 11:00 am

Presentations 2

  • Interdisciplinary Studies/Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello
  • Discussion


Session 9: 11:10 am

Performance B

  • Music and Dance/Meghan McLyman
  • Abigail White: noitcelfer (s)

Presentations 1

  • English/Michael Jaros
  • Emily Henry:  A Second Too Long: The Relevance of Absurdist Theater

Presentations 3

  • School of Education/Roopika Risam
  • Shivani Patel: Implications of Inaccurate Representation in Crime and Prison Television Dramas

Presentations 4

  • Sociology/Tiffany Gayle Chenault
  • Morgan McCarthy, Camryn Willis - How the representation of Black women in the faculty at Salem State University has changed over time


Session 10: 11:30 am

Presentations 3

  • Childhood Education and Care/Megan Schumaker Murphy
  • Julie Morin - What is Missing Here?” The Absence of a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in a Massachusetts Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Program


Posters | 1:00-2:15 pm

Room: Poster A

  • 1: Survey of European Green Crabs and Asian Shore Crabs in Salem Sound. Presenter: Sami Sahloul, Nadir Almadani
  • 2: Analysis of Quasi-palindrome Template-switch Mutations after treatment with FDA-approved Drugs. Presenter: Rebecca Shteynberg
  • 3: Investigating FDA-Approved Anti-Tumor Drugs for Effects on Template-Switch Mutagenesis (TSM) and Mechanism of SOS response in E. coli. Presenter: Sydney Addorisio
  • 4: Effects of Road Construction on Biodiversity and on Marginalized People. Presenter: Rejina Pokharel
  • 5: The Farmer's New Friends. Presenter: Lana D'Addieco
  • 6: The Life of Phasmids: Prickly Stick and Walking Leaf Insects. Presenter: Lindsey Kemp
  • 7: Coleoptera City: Inside the Life of Ladybugs and Weevils. Presenter: Nicole Jones
  • 8: Effects of Concussions on the Brain and Mental Health of Athletes. Presenter: Tyler Devine
  • 9: Being Brittney. Presenter: Brittney New
  • 10: A Second Too Long: The Relevance of Absurdist Theater. Presenter: Emily Henry
  • 11: Confidence Levels of SSU Education Students in Writing Assessments. Presenter: Alyssa Ekstrom
  • 12: Molly Quinn. Presenter: Molly Quinn
  • 13: The Effects Stress and Anxiety Have on Cognition Performance. Presenter: Daniel Blackmore
  • 15: Sea Lavender's Endophytes. Presenter: Rachel Marks
  • 16: Medicinal Metabolites Indentified in Japanese Knotweed, Fallopia japonica. Presenter: Juliana Lalicata
  • 17: Endophytic Species Linked to Medicnal uses of Juniperus communis. Presenter: Jasmine Bracero


Room: Poster B

  • 18: The Evolution of the Forest River Water Quality Due to Anthropogenic Impacts. Presenter: Brianna Reid
  • 19: Medicinal Properties Found in Juniperus Communis. Presenter: Cindy Nguyen
  • 20: Nanoformulation of Curcumin to Improve Pharmacologic Activity. Presenter: Justin Debrow, Alexandra Hughes, Sarah Solt
  • 21: Sea Lavender Bioactivity and Possible Medicinal Properties of Limonium (Sea Lavender). Presenter: Holly Bartlett
  • 22: Potential Medicinal Properties of Fungal Endophytes Isolated from Salicornia depressa. Presenter: Kelly Biv, Justin Debrow
  • 23: An Investigation into the Interactions between Various Amyloid-Beta Species and a Formulated Fluorescent Probe. Presenter: Justin Debrow, Alexandra Hughes
  • 24: Polycaprolactone and It’s use as a Biodegradable Trash Bag. Presenter: Paige Canale
  • 25: Promising Medicinal Applications of Verbascum Thapsus in Relation to Endophytic Species. Presenter: Paige Canale
  • 26: Bioanalysis of Metabolites Isolated from Endophytic Fungus of Sassafras Albidum Root. Presenter: Ryan Nolan
  • 27: Green Synthesis of Silver Nano Particles (AgNP), Characterization and Antimicrobial Testing. Presenter: Kelly Biv, Ryan Nolan
  • 29: Bioactivity and Medicinal Properties of Verbascum Thapsus. Presenter: Jacob Beirholm
  • 30: Medicinal Examinations of Fungal Endophytes in Various Common Mushrooms. Presenter: Liam Wilson
  • 31: Mushrooms:The Medicinal Value of Endophytes in Prunus serotina, the Wild Cherry Tree. Presenter: Liam Wilson
  • 32: Creating a Musical Space: The effect of room dimensions on different instrumental families. Presenter: Alan MacTaylor
  • 33: An investigaation into the Endophytic Medicinal and Biological Properties of Solidago semperfirens. Presenter: Serena Mogé
  • 34: A Review on Alzheimer's Disease. Presenter: Serena Mogé
  • 35: Geochronology and Petrology of Coronitic Metagabbro and Garnetiferous Amphibolite in the Adirondack Mountains, Newcomb, NY. Presenter: Tiarra Love
  • 36: Reproductive Strategies in the Modern Limulus Polyphemus as an Analogue to the Reproductive Strategies in the Trilobite Family Olinedae. Presenter: William Rizza
  • 37: A Late Glacial to Holocene sediment record of Ice-rafted detritus from Orphan Knoll, Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Presenter: Kristen Anastopoulos
  • 38: Records of The Last Glacial Influx of Ice-rafted Detritus at Site DY081-GVY002, On the Orphan Knoll, Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Presenter: Hanna Gonsalves
  • 39: Mapping Cross-Cutting Joints in Cape Ann to Establish Past Stress Orientations. Presenter: Alyssa Cassias, Cora Van Hazinga
  • 40: Discovering Linear Arrays With Morphometric Analyses Of The Monogenetic Explosive Cone Fields in Nyambeni Hills, Kenya. Presenter: Sharissa Thompson
  • 41: Constraining the Stratigraphy and Depth to Bedrock at the Forest River Salt Marsh in Salem, MA. Presenter: Carpi, K.


Room: Poster C

  • 42: Easing the Emotional Burden of Families When a Child Has Cancer: The Application of Evidence to Nursing Practice. Presenter: Mary Aliberti
  • 43: Minimizing the Risk of Orthopedic Surgical Site Infections in the Pediatric Population: Using Evidence to Inform Practice. Presenter: Alaina Gridley
  • 44: Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection Reduction: Using Evidence to Inform Practice. Presenter: Christopher Cohen
  • 45: Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injuries: Challenges in Providing Effective Patient Care and Proper Family Support. Presenter: Kaitlyn Conners
  • 46: Using the Ketogenic Diet to Reduce the Incidence of Pediatric Seizures: Helping Children and Families to Find a Better Quality of Life. Presenter: Alison Wohler
  • 47: The Significance of the Microbiome: It's Role in Infant Development and Long-Term Health. Presenter: Lariza Haro
  • 48: Investigating Systemic Barriers to Higher Education. Presenter: Rosimara Sneed, John Slipkowsky, & Fard Berry
  • 49: Stressors of first-generation versus non-first-generation college students. Presenter: Petrina Alesy, Katelyn DiChiara, Karina Flores, & Miranda Fox
  • 50: Social Media's Impact on Self-Esteem: Among Currently Enrolled Young College Students (18-26). Presenter: Christy Guerrier, Ingrid Montoya, Jacqueline Paredez, Edgardo Pena, and Mikayla Thompson
  • 51: Mental Health Stigmas Among Salem State Students. Presenter: Astrid Schultz, Hannah Levine, Evangelia Theodorakakakos, Keyla Romero-Velasquez, and Brieanna Benoit
  • 52: COVID-19 and its effects on student's mental health. Presenter: Steven Lesnikoski, Joseph Tocci, Kennady Burnett & Janine Monico


Papers and Presentations

1-2:15 pm Concurrent Presentations

Current Issues in Nursing, Session I

  • When: 1-2:15 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 1
  • Moderator: Cheryl Williams, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Cheryl Williams, PhD: Growth Mindsets in Health professions: A Scoping Review
    • Michelle Barry:  An Education Initiative to Improve End of Life (EOL) Care in Undergraduate Curricula

Current Issues in Nursing, II

  • When: 1-2:15 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 2
  • Moderator: Cheryl Williams, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Kristen Richards, Rachel Sorrentino: Night Shift Nurse Education Forum: Retention Through Engagement and Empowerment
    • Julieanne Burridge: Caseload Balance and Risk Stratification in Community Residential Care:  A Pilot Program for Nurse Case Managers

2:20-3:35 pm Concurrent Presentations

Issues in the Academy Today, I

  • When: 2:20-3:35 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 7
  • Presenters: 
    • Ana Emlinger, PhD and Keith Ratner, PhD: “Immigrant Voices at Salem State”

Current Issues in Nursing, III

  • When: 2:20-3:35 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 3
  • Moderator: Robin Leger, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Siobhan Murphy: “Does a Structured Staff Nurse Orientation in an Ambulatory Clinic Improve Nurse Preceptor Satisfaction?”
    • Patricia Ramsden: “Increasing Access to Hospice Care:  Adapting a Virtual Consent, Intake, and Consumer Education Tool to Meet Unique Needs at End of Life”

Current Issues in Nursing Session, IV

  • When: 2:20-3:35 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 4
  • Moderator: Cheryl Williams, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Angelina Kalafatis Finley: “Perceptions of Undergraduate Nursing Students on Psychiatric Nursing”
    • Christine Marmen:  “Be an Ally: Recognizing Health Disparities Faced by Transgender People and Integrating Best Practices in Nursing”

Collaborative Online International Learning: Multi-disciplinary Links to the World During the COVID19 Pandemic

  • When: 2:20-3:35 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 5
  • Moderator: Julie Whitlow, PhD, Julie Kiernan, MFA
  • Presenters: Faculty insights from the perspectives of accounting and finance, geography and sustainability, secondary and higher education, world languages and cultures, marketing and decision sciences, political science, and management
    • Zlatinka Blaber, PhD
    • Ana Emlinger, PhD
    • Melanie Gonzalez, PhD
    • Cissy Hartling, PhD
    • Anna Rocca, PhD
    • Vanessa Ruget, PhD
    • Fatima Serra, PhD
    • Chaerin Yun, PhD

At the Disciplinary Margins: Interrogation, and Modding

  • When: 2:20-3:35 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 6
  • Moderators: Keja Valens, PhD, Roopika Risam, PhD
  • Presenters: 
    • Jessica Cook, Hannah Drew: “The People Here: Interrogating Indigenous Dispossession of the Land Occupied by Salem State University”
    • Miranda Hughes: “Videogame Dialogue-Exploring Empathy Through Skyrim’s Modding Community”

Current Issues in Tutoring

  • When: 2:20-3:35 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 11
  • Moderator: Al DeCiccio, PhD
  • Presenter: Eleanor T. Ballard: “The Benefits of Reciprocal Multilingual Tutoring”

Zoom Session A: Current Insights from World Languages and Cultures

  • When: 2:30 pm
  • Where: Zoom.
    • Meeting ID: 929 1294 0572
    • Passcode: 480095
  • Moderator: Nicole Sherf, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Arely Fagan:  Alcanzando el dominio de un segundo idioma a través de TPRS
    • Scott Ryan Sumrall:  El contexto de los aprendices de herencia en las clases mezcladas: una pauta para la evaluación

3:40-5 pm Concurrent Presentations

Current Issues in Nursing, Session V

  • When: 3:40-5 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 7
  • Moderator: Robin Leger, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Lincoln Akre Teal: “Working with Children in Crisis on a Behavioral Health Unit: Need for an Age-Appropriate Restraint Debriefing Policy”
    • Roger Conant: “Enhancing Recovery for Patients Undergoing Colectomy and Hysterectomy procedures: Multidisciplinary-led Protocol Implementation”
    • Leena Johnson: “Policy Development, Implementation and Staff Education: Semi-Permanent Pacemakers”

Current Issues in Nursing, Session VI

  • When: 3:40-5 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 8
  • Moderator: Cheryl Williams, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Theresa MJ Short: “Caregiver Stress”
    • Marsh-Lee Wright: “Nursing Preceptor Fundamentals: Strengthening the Role of the Nurse Preceptor through Education”
    • Lachee Sim: “Use of Virtual Reality in Clinical Nursing Education”

Issues in the Academy Today

  • When: 3:40-5 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 9
  • Presenter: Anne Marie DeFelippo, PhD: “Collegiality at Mid-career: Social Networks and Informal Structures in Academic Departments”

Directions in TESOL

  • When: 3:40-5 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 10
  • Moderator: Melanie Gonzalez, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Esau Bustamante, Julia Katz, Nelson Maldonado, Linh Nguy?n, Christina Norris:  Graduate Research in TESOL
    • Christophe M. Poirier: “Providing Long-term ELL Students with the Greatest Support in the Age of the WIDA ACCESS Test”
    • Christophe M. Poirier: ELLs and STEM Education


Current Research in History

  • When: 3:40-5 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 11
  • Moderator: Brad Austin, PhD
  • Presenters:
    • Brian P. Randall, Jr: “The Whipping Tree of Harvard, Massachusetts”
    • Liam Jones: “Looking at the Christianization of Russia through Folklore”


Children's Mental Health During a Pandemic

  • When: 3:40-5 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 12
  • Moderator: Jonathan Kessler
  • Presenter: Grace Walker: “Addressing Children's Mental Health During a Pandemic Through Social-Emotional Learning and Artistic Expression”

New Directions in Sport and Movement Science

  • When: 3:40-5 pm
  • Where: Presentation Room 13 
  • Moderator: Peter Smolianov, PhD
  • Presenters: 
    • Charles Arena: “Surveying US Basketball Coaches and Administrators to Explore Practices of Integrated Development of Mass and High-performance Sport”
    • Dylan Andre, Charlie Arena, Khalill Benguche, John Dormer, Maddi Filip, Josh Grasso, Joona Satohunsala, Samantha Stankard, Michael White, Alex Young: “Marketing US Basketball”


Posters | 1-2:15 pm

  • 58: The Role of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in Elderly Transition of Care. Presenter: Elena Burdman
  • 59: The Efficacy of Mobile Health Applications for Heart Failure Management among Elderly in Primary Care Settings. Presenter: Larisa Bukhovko
  • 60: Sculpting Nurse Practitioner Directed Heart Failure Clinics To Maximize Patient Outcomes. Presenter: Dena-Marie Holder
  • 61: For the Age Group 65 and Above, does Statin Therapy Improve the Outcome of    Cardiovascular Diseases Compare to Non-statin Therapy. Presenter: Jeanne L. Kia
  • 62: NP Led A-Fib Education: Raising Awareness & Improving Outcomes. Presenter:  Jacqueline Misuraca
  • 63: Avatar to Prevent Falls in Home Dwelling Elders. Presenter:  Kristine Masella
  • 64: Ambulatory Nursing Leadership Residency: A Needs Assessment Survey Development. Presenter:  Brie L. Trefrey
  • 65: Discovery and Annotation of Microbacterium Foliorum Phage Juicer and Gordonia Rubripertincta Phage GiKK. Presenters: Brahim Azeni, Merry Bilbo, Robyn Cashins, Cristina Gonzalez, Nick Migneault, Mariah Panza, Serjio Trevino
  • 66: Identifying Extrusive Volcanic Features with YOLOv2. Presenter: Cora Van Hazinga
  • 67: The Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Adults Who Have Unresolved Childhood Trauma. Presenter:  Misty De Viller
  • 68: Is the Lewis (LEW) Rat an Appropriate Control for the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR) on a Delay Discounting Task. Presenter: Jason S. Hensley
  • 69: Utilizing Programmed Instruction to Teach Reinforcement. Presenter: Lauren Aliberte
  • 70: Licks during Links: Comparing SHR and LEW Polydipsic Behaviors. Presenter:  Malana Malonson
  • 71: Examining the Effectiveness of an Online Training Program: Training Behavior Technicians to Implement a Task Analysis. Presenter: Catherine Fuller

Posters | 2:20-3:35 pm

  • 72: Effectiveness of Nonpharmacological Treatment Methods on Multiple Sclerosis compared to Pharmacological Treatment Methods. Presenter: Shelby Menard
  • 73: Lack of Utilization of Nutrition Services Among Community-Dwelling Elders and Reasons for Underutilization. Presenter: Caroline Turnbull
  • 74: Early Integration of Palliative Care Amongst Newly Diagnosed Solid Tumor Oncology Patients. Presenter: Erin Tardanico
  • 75: Suffering in Silence: Variability in Pain Assessment Leads to Inadequate Treatment in Older Adults with Dementia. Presenter:  Allison Hare
  • 76: Telehealth does not miss a beat: The use of telehealth in the management of heart failure. Presenter: Marie Mathurin
  • 77: Fibromyalgia Management in Primary Care: Is Pharmacotherapy Alone Just One Part of the Treatment? Presenter: Blandine Pousseu
  • 78: Maximizing nurse utilization to work within license scope of practice: Establishing policies and procedures. Presenter: Kathy O'Brien
  • 79: Effective Nonpharmacological Interventions to Decrease Agitation and Promote Occupational Engagement in Long Term Care Residents with Dementia. Presenter:  Kimberly Whiting
  • 80: Can a Group Driving Cessation Intervention Improve Quality of Life in Older Adults. Presenter: Nnedi Oranekwu
  • 81: For People with Cognitive Dysfunction Secondary to Dementia, how does Assistive Technology Support Spatial Navigation in Physical Environments? Presenter: Cheryl Roux
  • 82: What Current Assessment Screens and Interventions can be Used to Detect, Prevent, and Treat Elder Neglect? Presenter: Maria Afflitto
  • 83: What Occupation-based Interventions Improve Quality of Sleep in Adults with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Experiencing Sleep Disturbances? Presenter: Shannon Grant
  • 84: Effective Transition to CommUNITY: A Systematic Review of Interventions to Support Community Integration for Individuals Who Have Experienced a Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury. Presenter: Marisa Hoffman
  • 85: What Intervention Approaches are Used by Healthcare Professionals to Address Sexual Function and Satisfaction in Adults with Physical Disabilities? Presenter: Amanda Barnes
  • 86: Compared Effectiveness of Mirror Therapy and Virtual Reality Therapy in Upper Extremity Motor Rehabilitation during the Acute Stage of Stroke: A Systematic Review Presenter: Alex Webb
  • 87: Does Kinesio Tape Improve Motor Function for Occupational Participation of Adults who have had a Stroke? Presenter: Bridget Ryan
  • 88: Occupational Performance in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review of Group and Individual Interventions. Presenter: Holly Zechner
  • 89: Do Movement-Based Sensory Interventions Increase Education Participation in the Classroom for Students with ASD? Presenter: Jesselyn Arellano
  • 90: Interventions that Address Feeding Challenges in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Presenter: Abigail Casey
  • 91: Does Animal Assisted Intervention Within the School-Based Setting Increase Socialization Skills for Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder? Presenter: Melissa Ricker
  • 92: For People with Chronic Pain, What Self-Management Interventions Produce a Decrease in Pain and an Increase in Occupational Participation? Presenter: Lisa Thibodeau
  • 93: For Those who are Experiencing Pain, is Lavender Essential Oil Effective in Pain Relief and Does it Impact Occupational Participation? Presenter: Levi Langdale
  • 94: Coronavirus Explainer 2021: Testing and Vaccination. Presenter: Amy Sprenkle, PhD

Posters | 3:40-5 pm

  • 95: The Role of Nurse Practitioner in Home-Based Primary Care. Presenter: Olivia C Studley
  • 96: Self-Care Management of Heart Failure (A Multidisciplinary Team Approach). Presenter: Gallus Fotabong
  • 97: Do Occupational Therapy Interventions Improve Quality of Life for Women with Breast Cancer? Presenter: Shawna Marchand
  • 98: Cultural Humility Training in Healthcare to Improve Client Functional Outcomes: A Systematic Review Presenter: Chanel Velasquez


Past Research Days

Research Day 2020

  • Research Day 2020 took place virtually from May 4, 2020 to May 10, 2020. 
  • Visit the Research Day 2020 page to view posters, presentations, and performances from the Undergraduate Symposium and the Faculty & Graduate Student Symposium. 
  • Faculty Publication Celebration: This opportunity to celebrates Salem State faculty who have published, performed, or exhibited during the calendar year 2019. View the list of this year's publications on the Salem State Faculty Publications Page
When 5:00pm
Evea Raye

For access and accommodation information, visit our page on access or email

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