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NCBI Finding Common Ground: From Conflict to Coalition Building Workshop

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Learn and use NCBI’s award-winning "Controversial Issues Process" open to all Salem State community members

NCBI’s award-winning "Controversial Issues Process" trains leaders to deal constructively with tough conflicts, enabling them to move disputing parties toward future cooperation. This workshop provides a structured methodology that allows people on all sides of an entrenched issue to:

  • Express their concerns
  • Listen attentively and then
  • Reframe the issue in a way that respectfully takes into account the concerns of the opposing sides
  • Where all parties are then able to work towards a common solution.

This session is highly interactive, and leaders engage in learning by dialoguing about a real controversy that exists in the room. The skills taught in this workshop can be used by anyone in any conflict situation from simple misunderstanding to heated debate.

Please RSVP in advance.

Open to all Salem State community members

When 3:00pm
Nikki Pelonia

For access and accommodation information, visit our page on access or email

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