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Meet Your Major

Mandatory Event for All First-Year and New Transfer Students

First-year and new transfer students will meet with their academic department as part of the annual Meet your Major event. This mandatory event for all new students is an opportunity to:

  • introduce students to the faculty within the department
  • review the curriculum requirements, recommendations, and opportunities so that students understand the path to graduation
  • identify the faculty advisors for each student and overview the process for contacting and meeting with them
  • discuss major-specific information like minors, concentrations, internships, and more
  • hear from upper-class students within the major 
  • learn about upcoming events, activities, student organizations, resources, and other department-specific initiatives or opportunities that students will want to take advantage of to help complement their academic experience

Meet your Major occurs for all majors from 11 am-12 pm in specified locations (see below). Students should note that:

  • If you are currently double-majoring, you should choose one of the majors to attend and follow up with the department afterward to gather information for the other major
  • Education majors will meet with their second major/interest area from 11 am-12 pm and then meet from 12 pm-1 pm with the School of Education (see below for specifics)
  • Undeclared students have a special meeting 11 am-12 pm to review the process to declare a major, how to find a major, how to utilize your advisor, etc.  If an undeclared student is (1) sure of their intended major and (2) sure that they will be accepted to that major they can attend that major's session.  Otherwise, all undeclared students should attend the undeclared session.  If you have questions, contact FYE for advice on which session to attend.

Room assignments for each major will be announced here in early September.

Education Majors

Education majors will follow the information outlined below in selecting which sessions they need to attend.

11 am-12 pm

  1. Early Education and Care
    Please attend any academic department Meet Your Major session of interest to you which will complement your plan of study within education.
  2. Educational Studies
    Please attend any academic department Meet Your Major session of interest to you which will complement your plan of study within education.
  3. Education + Double Major (4+1 Program)
    Please attend another Meet Your Major Event to serve as your double major. Please make sure your selection falls specifically within the College of Arts and Sciences.
  4. High School Education, (4+1 Program)
    Please choose a subject of interest such as English, history, mathematics, etc.
  5. Specialized Education (4+1 Program)
    Please choose a subject of interest such as Spanish, art, theatre, etc


After attending the 11 am-12 pm session with the separate departments, education majors will meet separately with the School of Education in Veterans Hall, Ellison Campus Center. 

Meet Your Major Locations are as follows

Art: Meier Hall Room 300
Biology: Meier Hall Room 444 
Business: Central Campus Building Marsh 210
Chemistry/Physics: Meier Hall Room 417
Communications: Ellison Campus Center, MLK Room
Computer Science: Meier Hall Room 210
Criminal Justice: Harrington Building Cafeteria (South Campus)
Dance: O'Keefe Complex Dance Studio
Economics: Meier Hall Room 246
Education: Please see above
English: Meier Hall Room 301
Geography/Cartography: Meier Hall Room 323
Geology: Meier Hall Room 338
Healthcare Studies: Harrington Building Room 205
History: Sullivan Building Room 108
Liberal Studies: Ellison Campus Center, Metro Room (Lower Level)
Mathematics: Sullivan Building Room 305A
Music: Central Campus Building, Recital Hall
Nursing: Harrington Building Room 201
Philosophy: Meier Hall Room 218
Political Science: Meier Hall Room 346
Psychology: Meier Hall Rooms 238, 240, 241, & 225
SMS/Athletic Training: O'Keefe Complex Rooms 213/214
Social Work: 287 Lafayette Room 004
Sociology: Meier Hall Room 342
Spanish/World Languages: Sullivan Building Room 104
Theatre:  Lobby of the Sophia Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts
Undeclared: Veterans Hall, Campus Center

When 1:00pm
Mathew R Chetnik
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