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Darwin Festival: Day Four

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Day Four of the 41st Annual Darwin Festival continues with a timely conversation about sustainable infrastructure and a moving discussion about surviving the Khmer Rouge. We round out the day with a full line-up of fascinating documentaries that explore everything from the Ebola virus to animal con artists.

Thursday, February 13 Event Lineup

8 am Slater Lecture Hall (Meier Hall Room 444)

VIDEO: PBS: Spillover: Zika, Ebola, and Beyond: Join scientists as they investigate the rise of spillover viruses like Zika, Ebola and Nipah and their prevention (60 min)

9:25 am Slater Lecture Hall (Meier Hall Room 444)

VIDEO: PBS and BBC: Food: Delicious Science: Food on the Brain: Discover how the chemistry in our food affects our brains and creates our deepest cravings (60 min)

10:50 am Veterans Hall (Ellison Campus Center)

LECTURE: “Infrastructure Ecology for Our Sustainable Future” – Nathan Philips, Acting Director of Sustainable Neighborhood Lab, Department of Earth and the Environment, Boston University, Boston MA. Sponsored by the Department of Geography and the Charles Albert Read Trust.

12:15 pm Slater Lecture Hall (Meier Hall Room 444)

VIDEO: Nature: What Plants Talk about: Learn how plants communicate, cooperate, and sometimes wage all-out war (60 minutes)

1:45 pm Veterans Hall (Ellison Campus Center)

LECTURE: “Surviving the Khmer Rouge: Moving from Tragedy to Resilience” – Sotheany Leap, SSU Biology Department Alumna, Lowell MA. Sponsored by the Biological Society.

3:05 pm Slater Lecture Hall (Meier Hall Room 444)

VIDEO: Nature: Natural Born Hustlers: See the adaptations that nature's best animal con artists use to capture prey (60 minutes)

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