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Darwin Festival: Day Five

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Biology Alumni Day, Charles Albert Read Science Lecture Series

Day Five — the final day of the 41st Annual Darwin Festival — concludes with a fascinating discussion about Darwinian medicine and disease ecology, and an exciting talk about the evolution of brains and behavior in domesticated animals. We are also pleased to present the award-winning documentary “The Biggest Little Farm” as well as two gems from the PBS and NOVA libraries.

Friday, February 14 Event Lineup

8:30 am | Slater Lecture Hall (Meier Hall Room 444)

VIDEO: FarmLore Films: Biggest Little FarmA couple and their dog leave L.A. to build a farm that is in complete coexistence with nature (90 minutes)

10:50 am | Slater Lecture Hall (Meier Hall Room 444)

VIDEO: PBS: The Gene Doctors: Exploring medical treatments that use genetics to target the root causes of disease (60 minutes)

12:15 pm Veterans Hall (Ellison Campus Center)

LECTURE: “Darwinian Medicine and Disease Ecology: Understanding Biological Rhythms and Infection” – Micaela Martinez, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University, New York NY. Sponsored by the Salem State Chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

1:45 pm Veterans Hall (Ellison Campus Center)

LECTURE: “The Evolution Of Brains and Behavior In Domestic Dogs and Domesticated Foxes” – Erin Hecht, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge MA. Sponsored by the Charles Albert Read Trust.

3:05 pm Slater Lecture Hall (Meier Hall Room 444)

VIDEO: NOVA: Wonders: What are Animals Saying? Exploring animal communications of bats, whales, chimps, spiders and more! (60 minutes)

All events are free and open to the public. For access and accommodation information please visit or email

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Debra Longo

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