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Community Hour Panel on Environmental Justice and Indigenous People

Featuring Professors Steve Silvern, Aviva Chomsky, and Salem State University student Jessica Cook

Little attention is often paid to the disproportionate effects of climate and environmental changes on marginalized groups and poorer countries. Recently, we have learned how historical injustices and environmental factors make black and brown communities especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies will host a panel on Environmental Justice and Indigenous People which will examine the responses and activism of indigenous groups as they seek to protect their homelands and cultures from the existential threats of climate change, extractive capitalism and the colonialist mentality of settler societies. 

Professor Steve Silvern teaches in the Salem State geography department and his recent work focuses on Native American, environmental changes and sustainability. 

Professor Aviva Chomsky teaches in the Salem State history department and her upcoming book focuses on Indigenous people and environmental justice. 

When 12:30pm
Ellison Campus Center, North Campus
1 Meier Drive, Salem, MA 01970
Martin Luther King Jr. Room
Professor Christopher Mauriello

For access and accommodation information, visit our page on access or email

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