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Casual Cultural Conversations

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Columbusing and the Myths of Thanksgiving

The LEAD office invites you to the second event in our Casual Cultural Conversations series to reflect on and share experiences engaging with Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and perspectives on U.S.-Indigenous relations.

This time of year, millions of Americans are accustomed to celebrating two major national holidays:

  1. Columbus Day, honoring Columbus’ claimed heroic discovery of the Americas
  2. Thanksgiving, honoring the alleged peaceful collaboration between Pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621.

Yet, thousands across the United States, from both native/indigenous and allied communities, protest these holidays. They claim the widely taught, exaggerated histories behind these celebrations are more accurately rooted in the genocide, enslavement, and exploitation of hundreds of thousands of native peoples.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Native Heritage Day have been proposed as alternatives to Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, respectively. These celebrations honor Native American peoples and commemorate their histories and cultures.

Register to join this casual cultural conversation session on November 19, 2020.

When 5:00pm
Sam Lim

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