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Author of "Jack Parker's Wiseguys" Tim Rappleye Will Hold a Book Signing Event

Author Tim Rappleye will hold a book signing session at 5 pm in the Gassett Atrium before the men's ice hockey game against Worcester State on Thursday, February 8.     

Rappleye wrote Jack Parker's Wiseguys, which chronicles the 1977-78 Boston University men's ice hockey NCAA Championship team, which featured former Salem State All-American Richard "Dick" Lamby, who also played on the 1976 USA Olympic team and current Vikings' head coach Bill O'Neill, who was a defenseman on the '78 Terriers. Both former players are mentioned in the book and will be on hand to sign copies as well.  

Jack Parker's Wiseguys is the story of a high-flying, headline-dominating, national championship squad led by three future stars of the Miracle on Ice, the medal-round game the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team won against the heavily favored Soviet Union. Now retired, Parker is a thoughtful statesman for the sport, a revered figure who held the longest tenure of any coach in Boston sports history. But during the 1977–78 season, he was just five years into his reign—and only a decade or so older than his players. Fiery, mercurial, as tough as any of his tough guys, Parker and his team were to face the pressure-cooker expectations of four previous also-ran seasons, further heightened by barroom brawls, off-the-ice shenanigans, and the citywide shutdown caused by one of the biggest blizzards to ever hit the Northeast. 

When 7:00pm
Gassett Fitness and Recreation Center, O'Keefe Campus
Joseph J Beitz

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