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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

  • Naming Opportunities

    Alumni and friends wishing to honor loved ones or to build a legacy at Salem State are invited to consider the many different naming opportunities available to those supporting the university with transformational gifts. From the Bertolon School of Business to the Harold E. and Marilyn J. Gassett Fitness and Recreation Center, these names instill a sense of tradition and history in our institution unlike any other--one that benefits the lives of our students for generations.

    We welcome your inquiries about naming buildings, classrooms, outdoor spaces, and a variety of other facilities and resources as well as scholarships and endowed positions. Please note that the list below is not exhaustive. However you wish to make your next mark on the story of Salem State University, our institutional advancement staff is available to guide you. For more information, please contact Cheryl Crounse at 978.542.7527 or ccrounse@salemstate.edu.



    Professorships • Marsh Hall • Atlantic Hall • Cat Cove Marine Laboratory • Stanley Building • School of Graduate Studies • College of Arts and Sciences • School of Nursing • Recital Hall • Central Campus • Baseball field • Administration Building • Academic Centers



    Rehearsal spaces • Marsh dining commons • Periodicals reading room • Archives and special collections



    Disability Services • Commuter lounge • Bertolon School of Business main entrance • Marsh Hall courtyard • Locker rooms • Honors Program Center • North Campus dining commons-1st Floor



    Academic support funds • Director’s suite • Meeting rooms • Cafes • Resource areas • Multi-purpose rooms • Deans’ suites


    $50,000 – $75,000

    Recital Hall piano • Green room • Box office • Smart classrooms • Computer labs • Reading rooms • Group study rooms • Faculty research room • Testing laboratories



    Endowed Scholarships • Endowed Internships • Small classrooms


    $15,000 – $25,000

    Callan Studio Theatre lobby • Costume shop • Dressing rooms • Teaching studio • Accessibility facets



    Take Your Seat in the Sophia Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts

Gift Planning

Gift Planning

  • Gift Planning

    With a planned gift, you are able to demonstrate our commitment to Salem State University in a meaningful way, balancing your personal financial needs with your charitable giving goals. There are many creative and flexible strategies that will allow you to achieve these goals while experiencing the greatest benefit. By including Salem State in your estate plan and becoming a member of our Crosby Society, you help to provide for the next generation of leaders and inspire others to leave their mark on Salem State, the North Shore and beyond!

    Contact the Institutional Advancement Office at crosbysociety@salemstate.edu or 978.542.7594 to learn more.

  • Bequest

    A bequest for Salem State University is the easiest way to benefit the university and its future. Adding the institution as a beneficiary of your will or retirement plan allows you to increase your financial support while retaining the use of the assets, as needed, during your lifetime.


    Through your will, you can provide the college with a gift of almost any kind of asset including cash, securities, real estate, and personal property. Donors may also gift funds from an IRA, Keogh, tax-sheltered annuity, qualified pension or profit-sharing plan, or funds from a life insurance policy at death. In addition to the many assets that can be gifted to create a bequest, there are several ways to structure your bequest, including residual, specific or contingent—or a combination thereof.

    • Residual Bequest: Salem State receives all or a percentage of the remainder of an estate after specific amounts bequeathed to other beneficiaries are distributed and estate-related expenses are paid.
    • Specific Bequest: Salem State receives a specified dollar amount or specified assets, such as real estate, securities, life insurance policy, or tangible personal property.
    • Contingent Bequest: Salem State receives a gift based upon the occurrence of some event. If a primary beneficiary does not survive the donor, the university will receive the assets intended for the primary beneficiary.

    For estate planning purposes, a bequest is deductible for federal estate tax purposes with no limit on the amount of charitable deduction an estate can take. Often, bequests are not subject to state inheritance or estate taxes. Based on the estate, assets may be subject to high federal estate tax rates; the savings from a bequest gift may be up to half the value of the bequest. Find out more about Bequests

    If you have included the Salem State University in your estate plans, we would like to encourage you to share your gift intention with the university. We not only wish to thank you for your generosity but want to welcome you as a member of our Crosby Society. Members of the society share your commitment and included a gift for the university in their gift planning or estate plans. Download the Crosby Society Enrollment Form.

    For more information, contact Michael Randall at 978.542.2345 or mrandall@salemstate.edu.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity

    Charitable gift annuities allow for a unique way to make a gift to an institution and receive a fixed income for the remainder of your lifetime. These fixed payments do not fluctuate based on market performance. You receive a charitable tax deduction and may qualify for tax-free income as well. Compare these rates to commercial annuities and certificate of deposit rates to understand the true advantage.

    Are there tax benefits?

    The donor receives a charitable deduction in the year in which the gift is made. If necessary, the deduction can be spread out for up to five years assuming the maximum is taken each year. Also, some of the income may be tax-free. If the gift annuity is funded using appreciated securities charitable gains tax may be avoided.

    See an actual calculation based on the information you provide.

    Contact Michael Randall at 978.542.2345 or by email at mrandall@salemstate.edu for personalized information and to learn more.

Outright Gifts

Outright Gifts

  • Cash Gifts


    Donate online now


    Cash gifts are the simplest and easiest gifts you can make. They can be made through credit/debit card transactions, personal checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders made payable to the Salem State University Foundation.

    For as little as $10 per month, you can also provide automatic monthly support via credit card through our sustainer gift program. Contact us to learn more.

    You can:

    • Give online now
    • Mail in your gift. Please make checks payable to:
      Salem State University Foundation
      352 Lafayette Street
      Salem, MA 01970

    For more information, please contact Lori Boudo at 978.542.7404 or lboudo@salemstate.edu.

  • Stock

    Gifts of appreciated securities, stocks and bonds can provide considerable tax advantages when transferred to Salem State University before they are sold. If you have held your securities for more than one year, you may find that your gift will provide a two-fold tax benefit; creating an income tax deduction as well as helping avoid the capital gains tax that would have been due on their sale. For more information, please contact Nicole Bousquet at 978.542.7588 or nbousquet@salemstate.edu.

    Trust Department Security Delivery Instructions

    Eastern Wealth Management:
    Important: Please contact Christina D’Andrea at 781.581.4247 or c.d’andrea@easternbank.com to coordinate a delivery date, per the following instructions:

    Depository Trust Company – Delivery

    The Bank of New York
    DTC Account #901
    Agent Bank #26500 Institution ID FINS #22108
    For the Account of: Eastern Bank
    Saugus, Massachusetts 01906
    A/C #103413
    For Further Credit to #5019195 Salem State University Foundation.

    Treasury Issues 
    ABA 021000 018

    Mutual Funds: Please contact Susan Syversen at 781.581.4275.

    Foreign Securities: Euroclear Account #97816 – Eastern Bank

    For Further Credit to #5019195 Salem State University Foundation, Inc.


    The Bank of New York
    One Wall Street
    New York, NY  10286
    Attn: Arnold Musella  - Window A, 3rd Floor 
    For the Account of:   Eastern Bank, 605 Broadway, 4th Floor, Saugus, MA 01906
                                      A/C #103413
                                      For Further Credit to #5019195 Salem State University Foundation, Inc.

    WIRE INSTRUCTIONS FOR CASH                                  

    Eastern Bank
    One Eastern Place 
    Lynn, Massachusetts  01901   
    ABA #011301798 
    A/C #00-2091-5 Eastern Bank                                                             

    For Further Credit to #5019195 Salem State University Foundation, Inc.


    Eastern Bank
    ATTN: Susan Kravetz Syversen
    605 Broadway, LF41
    Saugus, MA  01906

  • Real Estate

    The university accepts gifts of real estate including personal residences, second homes, farms, commercial or income property, and land that offer a wide variety of tax and other benefits. Gifts of real estate can provide an opportunity for charitable giving while reducing taxes and removing the liquidity hurdle.

    Real estate, an illiquid asset, often represents a large portion of a donor’s net worth and the taxes on the sale of real estate negate appreciation gains for property owners relying on real estate proceeds to provide income after retirement. Real estate owners face a capital gain tax that may be due upon the disposition of highly appreciated real estate assets, specifically investment real estate, which is not subject to the $500,000 exclusion from capital gain taxes.

    For more information, please contact Cynthia McGurren '83, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, at 978.542.7590 or cmcgurren@salemstate.edu.

  • In-Kind

    Gifts-in-kind are non-monetary items of tangible personal property or other physical assets that represent value to the university. Examples might include equipment, books and artwork. Gifts in excess of $500 should be accompanied by a fair market estimation from the donor. Gifts that exceed $5,000 are subject to the IRS requirement of an independent appraisal.

    For more information, please contact Lori Boudo at 978.542.7404 or lboudo@salemstate.edu.

  • Matching Gifts

    Many companies have a matching gift program: you (or your spouse/partner) give an amount to Salem State and your employer donates the same amount, matching your gift. This is an easy way to increase your donation and both donations directly support university initiatives.
    Follow your company’s instructions for participating in their matching gift program. In the case of no results in the search form, you may still have a matching program. Contact your HR department to find out.

    Multiply the impact of your gift!

    1. Spouses, partners, retirees, and even board members are often eligible to participate in a company match—please double check.
    2. Corporate matching gifts can combine with individual gifts to qualify for Sullivan Society and other recognition opportunities.
    3. Hang on to your acknowledgement letter! Many corporate matching gift programs will give you up to one year after your donation to request a match.

    Many of our donors already participate in matching their gifts to Salem State. These extra dollars make a big difference for the university, providing more than $100,000 over the years from 250+ companies. See a listing of employers who have participated in matching a gift to Salem State here.

    For more information about matching gifts at Salem State, please contact Joanna Shellenberger at 978.542.2594 or jshellenberger@salemstate.edu.

  • Memorial/Honorary

    Designate your gift in memory or in honor of loved ones, friends, faculty members, or classmates and pay tribute to those who have made a lasting impact on your life or the lives of others.

    For more information, please contact Lori Boudo at 978.542.7404 or lboudo@salemstate.edu.

Crowdfunding: How to Get Started

  • Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding at Salem State University has been very successful so far, with over $50,000 having been raised since December 1, 2015. These funds have been dispersed accordingly to worthy projects all across campus. We hope to see that number grow steadily as we continue to launch exciting campaigns month after month.

    We hope that you check back to this page often to see what’s new. Even if you cannot support each and every project, you can see how they provide a glimpse into the worlds of our students and faculty.

    Campus community members:  If you’d like to get some support for your own Salem State University project or department, there is plenty of information below on how to create and launch a crowdfunding page of your own. Find out more, and earn your own piece of the pie!

  • Promoting Your Project

    A share/touch could be any of the following:

    • A post on Facebook (personal page or group)
    • A Twitter or Instagram Post (personal page or group)
    • An email (to one, or hopefully more than one person)
    • Liking and sharing/retweeting a post about your page which was posted on a group page or someone else’s individual page
    • Share on LinkedIn as an update or a post

    Best Practices & Hints:

    • Once your crowdfunding page goes live, it will be a website like any other with a link that can be shared via email or on any social media outlet.
    • You would never send someone an email with just a link in it (they would probably assume it was spam or a virus); you would always add some context about the page you were sharing… (i.e. this link is to a project that my group is supporting. It is really important to me because X,Y, and Z. I hope you will consider joining me in supporting this.)
      • Make sure to keep the same frame of mind when posting on social media. Never just throw the link up there and expect your friends/followers to take the step of finding out what the project is by clicking on it.
    • With Facebook, also please remember to make all posts related to the sharing of this campaign PUBLIC posts.
    • You can also tag friends and all gropu members in your posts. Even if they already donated, it will expand the post reach by ensuring that the friends of all those people will now likely see the post.

    Ideas for Posts

    *The time guidelines are merely suggestions. You can post any of these when you feel they are appropriate.

    • Week 1


      • Share the link for your project, tell how important it is to you, that you have made a contribution, and invite others to do the same.
      • Share a fact – “I have learned that campaigns that meet a third of their goal within one week of launch are a lot more likely to meet their overall goal in the end. Help me get there!”
    • Week 2
      • Give an update on progress, or ask people to check out the updates that were posted to the page itself.
      • Share a fact about a specific aspect of your project. “Did you know that on our trip we plan to ____, or with this piece of equipment we will be able to _______”
      • If you think your personal friends/acquaintances would be comfortable with it, give them a personalized, tagged shout out on social media and thank them for their gift, letting others know how they can contribute too.
      • Share a new photo or video with your message (and link)
    • Week 3
      • Let people know that the campaign is over ½ over, and that you are _______% of the way to your goal. We would love to raise $______ this week to set us up for a strong finish.
      • Let people know that all donations to your project are fully tax deductible, and that it only takes one or two minutes to make a gift on this secure system.
      • Reference something about your page’s photos or video as a teaser: “Check out our crowdfunding page, and see how silly I look in our group video” or “click to see some photos of past trip participants”
      • Tell people about your giving levels (if applicable) “With a gift of $___ toward this project, we can do X.”
    • Week 4
      • Remind people that “the last day to contribute to this campaign is coming up soon, so time is running out!”
      • Encourage those people who simply cannot help you out with financial support to show their support by sharing your page to maximize its reach.
      • Tell people that “with this Salem State crowdfunding platform, there are no fees that come off of your gift. Every penny of what you donate to our group will be used directly by us.”
  • Crowdfunding Application

    Please Note: To create a crowdfunding project, the first step is to fill out this application. We will then reach out with you to schedule a phone conversation and provide you with some training. Please submit this application 3-4 weeks in advance of the anticipated start of your campaign.

    Throughout this application, any mention of the word “Group” collectively refers to any group of individuals seeking to create a crowdfunding campaign. “Groups” may include academic departments, student organizations, groups and clubs, as well as club or university sports teams.

  • Instructions and Policies

    Application Process

    All projects must be approved by the Dean, Vice President or Area Head to be sure it fits within the mission
    and goals of the area in which the project domain falls. The fundraising project must be acceptable based on
    the Salem State Crowdfunding Policies (see below) and, most importantly, Salem State’s mission.

    Student Groups should contact Melissa Arroyo, Associate Director, Student Involvement and Activities at
    marroyo@salemstate.edu or by calling 978.542.2806 before completing the application.

    How to Apply for a Salem State Crowdfunding Project Page:

    1. Review Salem State Crowdfunding policies to ensure that your project is eligible to fundraise.

    2. Complete and submit the Crowdfunding Application. Please be as detailed as possible.

    3. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Institutional Advancement. Once a project has been approved, the lead contact for the project will be notified. Projects will have one
    month to actively fundraise for their cause.

    Projects with five or more volunteers/ambassadors with a realistic goal of $5,000 or less are the most
    successful. Remember, crowdfunding is a two‐step process. First, you want people to make a gift to your
    project and, second, you want them to help spread the word.

    Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. For all other inquiries, including
    if you would like to meet in person to discuss crowdfunding, contact Erica Bourbeau at
    ebourbeau@salemstate.edu or by calling 978.542.2264.

  • Crowdfunding FAQs

    Is my contribution tax-deductible?

    Yes! All philanthropic contributions to the Salem State University Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

    Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

    Yes! Salem State University will send you an electronic receipt for your contribution shortly after you make your gift.

    When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card is charged immediately upon finalizing your gift on the site.

    Who should I contact with questions about my contribution?

    Contact the Office of Advancement Services at 978.542.2594 or email jshellenberger@salemstate.edu

    Are international donations accepted?

    At this time, Salem State can only accept international gifts made through our Salem State giving page, salemstate.edu/makeagift.

    What happens if a project is overfunded?

    If a project raises more than its stated funding goal, we will work with the project sponsor to determine whether the suprlus should be used to expand or enhance the project, or reserved for use by a similar project or projects in the future.

    What if a project doesn’t meet its funding goal?

    Funds raised will still be released for use to the project. In the event that a funding shortfall prevents the project from taking place at all, the money raised will be retained by the sponsoring team for use on a project or projects with similar goals.

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